Coin Logic Updates, CubDefi Overview, ADA on Bloomberg, MLB and BTC

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Hello and welcome back to Coin Logic TV, I am your host, @thelogicaldude! In today's episode I do an overview of the new CubFinance DeFi platform which is bridging Hive with the Binance Smart Chain! This is the latest project by the @leofinance team and they aren't done yet! I also go over the sign on process using and how easy it is to get signed on and using the Hive blockchain and start earning for your posts!

This is an article that explains how to set up Binance Smart Chain on Metamask so that you can interact with

Next, I go over some changes to the Coin Logic site itself and why I built it in the first place. I talk abou creating a different front end with the 'Coin Logic Index' which is basically the major market coins my company is invested in, aside from the Hive Engine tokens which are not listed on @coingecko's API...yet...maybe one day... The front page also includes articles brought in from the feed from the account and opens on! Well, the whole LEO/CUB gets thrown in the middle of the Coin Logic explanation, lol.

Anyway, then I go over a couple of articles from the Coin Logic News Center that caught my eye that I think you should check out!

Cardano Added To Bloomberg Terminal

Oakland A's major league baseball team now accepts Bitcoin for suites

Elon Musk Wants Coinbase to List Dogecoin as the Cryptocurrency’s Adoption Grows

So that is the summary and all the links involved! So go check out the video and enjoy!

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