What is a DAO? Easily Create Yours Using XDAO

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Hello everyone and welcome back to Coin Logic TV! Today we are talking about DAOs.

*What is a DAO? *

This is an article that I referenced in the video from Decrypt.co

After we talk a bit about what a DAO is, I talk about how you can easily create a DAO on ETH, BSC, Polygon, or HECO using the XDAO.app platform!

I have showed this before, but they have expanded a bit more and I also have a DAO project in the @blocktunes DAO that I can show off the mechanics!

This project is in public Beta so remember that, but it is a stable platform and the team is awesome to work with!

Not a sponsored video, just sharing tools I am using on my journey and what we are going to be using for our Coin Logic Finance Club which will be our DAO backed investment club!

Nothing we say is financial advise. This is for educational and recreational purposes only! Stay safe in these volitile markets and don't get rekt!

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