Hive Begins A Third Hive Borehole Project in Ghana

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The Hive empowering community projects has been a wonderful initiative and with the project we have seen real life use case of the Hive blockchain. We started it all three months ago, with two boreholes built and already serving two communities in Ghana's Ashanti Region (Fawoade and Agona-Bedomase).

Providing communities with clean drinking water is the main goal of the Hive Borehole building project. Beneficiaries of this projects are communities that have a pressing need for portable water. It is a Hive promotional effort that aims at promoting Hive both in Ghana and around the world.

Fawoade Hive Water Project



Agona-Bedomase Hive Water Project

In this sense, the Hive blockchain shows the world how a community's combined efforts may significantly improve the lives of many people.We believe Hive deserves more attention and people will begin to learn more about Hive as we share news about the Hive Borehole Projects on various media platforms.

We have been able to spread information about Hive around the world following the successful launch of the two Hive water projects, thanks to all the media outlets that have assisted in this endeavor and to the Hiveans who have also disseminated the news.

Another Hive water project in Ghana has begun this week in Anwomaso, a suburb of Kumasi. We learned about the difficulty in accessing water from our survey at the town. An old water source that was connected to a stream that used to supply the main town has been shut down because the water stopped flowing years ago. A lot of residents buy water from from different places while those who may lack the means to do so would have to rely on their neighbors who have dug wells to provide them with water.


meeting with the leaders of Anwomaso Town


The old water structure

Inspection of the spot for the project with town leaders and the driller

When our meeting with the town chief and the elders was successful, they granted us a piece of land in the same location as their previous water source. They pledged to demolish the old water structure to make room for the Hive Borehole and to assist in any way they could to see the project through to completion.In order to conduct their survey and determine the best location for the borehole, the drilling company we have previously worked with accompanied us. With the successful survey of the location, they plan to start drilling the borehole this Friday.

All things been equal, we plan to complete the remaining stages after the drilling in two weeks time. We have received funds for the project from @valueplan, which had had previously funded the two Hive boreholes we have built In Ghana.
Updates will be provided to the Hive community regarding each stage of the projects. We (@mcsamm and I) are very grateful to @guiltyparties for his support and direction also to the Hive community for their support in a diverse ways. We will work hard to see the successful completion of the project.


@mcsamm and @collinz

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Anwomaso (Ghana, West Africa)

Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz

After this third borehole inauguration, our tour to the various radio and TV programmes will be awesome to share. This is highly commendable for a blockchain to empower villages. Hive is definitely the new internet amd investment for all business entities. Thanks @collinz


I'm always prepared to spread the word about Hive because it has the potential to enable many people to do much more.


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!LUV for this endeavor.


I'm more than happy to see you another Hive water project in Ghana, thanks @mcsamm and @collinz for your hard work. I'm happy to have joined Hive


We are also happy to see you on Hive, we can make the masses discover Hive through any promotional work.


Many thanks dear.


This is a great project to provide communities and villages with clean water, and also you are spreading awareness about hive.
Best of luck


Thank you @tehseen-akhtar


You are welcome🙂. Have a good day


That is so awesome to see it going forward! Thank you @mcsamm and @collinz for your willingness to make it all work.


it's our great pleasure to support communities with the power of Hive. Thanks Denise


That is exactly why I admire you!


You can doing some great job in that you provide the community with the basic need and promoting hive blockhain. I wish you all the best as you work on this project


Thank you @hivedeb


Wow!! What a lovely project.....Hive to the world 😍😍


Hive to the world! 👍


Absolute ✅✅


Its incredible to see things like this! Keep it up!

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