Bitcoin will Come Back Stronger

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Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends.

Finally we saw green candles as Bitcoin is back above $20k at the time of writing this post. It feels good to see markets recovering nicely.

Now Bitcoin should stay above $20k in order to go up towards $25k mark. Next two days are very important. If it doesn't hold $20k then ut may go back for $15k which could really be a worse thing.

We have seen in the past that whenever Bitcoin fell hard it comes back stronger. So following the past behaviour we can expect that Bitcoin Will be stronger its just matter of time.

You don't need to take any kind of pressure. We are together in this bear market. Let's focus on daily life and hope for the best to come. Always Be happy.


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Yup, title is correct, except that BTC never went anywhere. What went were the (non)-holders who got scared and sold. They'll be back too.

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...we can expect that Bitcoin Will be stronger its just matter of time.

I don't have even the smalest doubt on this.
See ya in 2025 !


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