Leotok Coming to LeoThreads , Leotok VS Tiktok

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Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends

After the successful launch of LeoThreads now Leofinance team is working to launch Leotok on Threads. Leotok would be like tiktok which is a short video sharing platform.

It has been said that the team will do a partnership with 3speak platform for the launch of leotok on Threads. What this means is that there will not be a new platform for Leotok.

I have a strong feeling that concept of Leotok would totally be a game changer. This new feature of Leotok coming to Threads will definitely going to increase the popularity of the platform. This will also bring the huge traffic.

Tiktok is the most popular short video sharing platform which has more than 1 billion active users. This shows how popular short video sharing platform can be if it is launched in crypto world.

Leotok users will have huge advantage over tiktok as tiktok doesn't pay anything for using the platform but in Leotok the users will have chance to get upvoted by other users. This means users posting Leotok videos will have chance to earn money.

All thanks to the leofinance team for giving us the opportunity to earn incentives while using different products of the ecosystem. I am super excited to try leotok.


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I'd be glad if this is really going to happen. I already make videos on 3speak on my @uchihanagato account and would really love to try out a new video making platform via the LeoFinance frontend. LeoTok would be much more fun.


Agreed, its going to be so fun as well as beneficial for Hive.

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