This week I hit 5K HP and keep working on #myleogoals

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If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.

– Benjamin Franklin

Hello Hivers, Lions, and Saturday Savers! Happy weekend!

It's time for my Saturday Savers Club goal-tracking report.

This week I reached the 5,000 HP milestone on my main account. It's been a long road to get here, but it's been worth it, and of course, I'm going for more.

I continue to focus my goals on Hive and LEO. And for now, other tokens are not on my radar, even though I keep accumulating some.

But before I go to report my progress, for those of you interested in joining the Saturday Savers Club if you haven't done it yet, and want to know what it is all about. I recommend you to read Saturday Savers Club with @sally-saver | 2023 Launch and FAQs | Everyone Welcome | EDS for Comments.

Goals progress

Screen Shot 20230121 at 7.28.06 PM.png

This week, in addition to reaching the milestone of 5000 HP, I have managed to improve the amount of HP achieved. And although I have not yet reached the 150 HP per week that I would like to have on average, I am closer. To reach my goal for the year, in the remaining 49 weeks, I would have to do 142 HP on a weekly average.

With Leo, I am on the right track, although I know I could do much better with my alt account dedicated to Leofinance. I must be more rigorous in taking advantage of all the Leo Power I have delegated to the account to get better curation rewards. I should be more active in #threads since for some days, I did not meet the goal of making at least 10 threads. A short-term goal is to participate in the next LPUD with both accounts.

I didn't manage to buy any EDSMMs this week, and I only have one more since the last report, which I won in the weekly drawing in last Saturday's SSC post.

In HBD I'm on target, and although I'm not adding pennies every day, the table serves as a reference for the amount of HBD I'm saving in the week.

Short-term goals

As I have already mentioned, this year, I want to set some short-term goals. Last week, I wrote this about my short-term goals, even if they were not directly related to saving.

  • To become a Newborn Cub this month - I will achieve the status tomorrow at #lpud.

Goal achieved, @coquicoin became a Newborn Cub last LPUD on January 15.

  • Become a Hive Dolphin in February, and I'm on track to achieving it.

I am well on my way to it. And I'm only about 900K vests away from it. And another milestone, apart from the 5K HP reached during the week, is that my reputation has finally reached 70.

*My score for this week 8.5/10

That's it for today. Happy Savings, everyone at SSC!

Disclaimer: The above is my year-end savings goals, and they are no financial advice.

Big thanks @shanibeer for running this initiative :)

Thanks for reading!

All writings are my own unless otherwise stated.

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January 21, 2023


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