My Leo Goals for 2023 - Becoming a Cub

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"Think little goals and expect little achievements. Think big goals and win big success." - David Joseph Schwartz


Hello, Cubs and Lions of the Den!

The year 2022 is coming to an end, and before it ends, I have the pending task of setting my goals for 2023 in the Den, as my savings partner @tengolotodo has reminded me, and setting the amount of LEO participation I want to have by the end of next year.

So to start, let's take a look at the snapshot of my stake in Leo as of today.

Screen Shot 20221231 at 9.04.36 AM.png

As you can see, I am close to reaching the level of the Newborn Cub, and I thought I would achieve it by the end of the year. But as the price of Leo related to Hive has increased in the last few days, my orders in the market have not yet been executed. But one lesson I have learned in the crypto world is that patience, later or early, pays off. So I hope to make it for the next #lpud.

MyLEOgoals for 2023

  • Reach the CUB status by the end of the year on my main account @coquicoin - Have a stake of 5k Leo
  • Reach a newborn Cub status in my freshly created alt account @coquicoin-leo which I intend to use for posting crypto content in Leofinance - Have a stake of 2k Leo
  • Both goals will increase my Leo stake by just over 5K. For a total of 7K between the two accounts.

How I will reach my goals

  • Delegating HP to Leo.voter has been my primary way of getting Leo organically. I currently have 253 HP delegates and intend to increase that delegation each month by at least 50 HP.
  • Curation rewards. I intend to make these more effective, and that is one of the reasons why I have opened the alt account, so I can vote posts in Leofinance without worrying about my HP voting mana.
  • Posting. I intend to be more active in posting on Leofinance, which I haven't done much of this year. The alt account has this purpose. I will try to post at least one post a week in January and increase the number of posts each month until I get at least 3 posts a week by the second quarter of the year.
  • Contests. One of the things I have to improve is my participation in contests in Leofinance. This year I participated in very few and it is time for me to use this as a way to accumulate Leo.
  • Market. This year it was my main way of obtaining Leo and I will continue to use it in 2023 as I need it. Using for it mainly my earnings in others layer 2 tokens from Hive and if necessary some of my liquid rewards from HBD.
  • I intend to continue to participate in the LPUD every month during 2023.
  • Track my goals. My Leo goals will be included in my primary goals for the Saturday Savers Club, and I will track them on a bi-weekly basis.

So in 2023, I hope to grow my account in the Den. And, of course, be eligible for the prizes of the initiative My LEO Goals for 2023 | Join in! by @leogrowth.

Thank you for reading.

All images and writing are my own unless otherwise stated.

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December 31, 2022

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