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After offering a win-win Sign-Up Deal For Splinterlands in the past 2 years helping a lot of new players to get in early, I now have been shifting my focus to do the same with Clash Of Streamers which is a Mobile Play2Earn Game that will allow for some great earnings the coming years!

I'm offering this deal right now but it might change in the future depending on my personal situation and how scalable it turns out to be in terms of required time and funds. My idea is to do this at least until the end of 2022 and I will try to keep this post up to date if anything changes.

About Clash Of Streamers

So Clash Of Streamers is a Mobile Play2Earn Gacha Game which for most will be a totally new type of game they never played before. It was for me, and I have been highly enjoying it even though it took me quite some time to understand all the different dynamics. If you enjoy the Leveling Up mechanics in games along with the Collecting aspect wanting a Free2Play experience with Play2Earn mechanics that don't require hours of daily grinding but instead can be played casually during breaks or when wanting to zone out getting some dopamine rush from opening loot boxes, this is a game that you probably want to try out.

It is also not a Pay2Win game but instead, it has a "Pay-To-Progress-Faster" monetization model for those that want to reach the end-game which is exporting Hero or Pet NFTs to the Blockchain that are woth a lot faster.

Installing The Game on Mobile

In order to install the game on your Mobile Phone (It runs smooth on my old iPhone 7), use my Download Link or use your camera to scan the QR code. This will automatically get you in my community making you part of this Sign-Up Deal I'm offering (You can change communities at any given time). You can also play the game on PC using the Bluestacks Emulator but it's not recommended. You don't need any prior knowledge of the game as it will introduce each building and all the different mechanics one at a time trying to give you a basic understanding of what it is all about. Reaching a point where you have unlocked all the buildings should be one of your first goals to achieve.

The game itself is climbing the IOS and Android Rankings and is already among the top-grossing games aside Roblox, Genshin Impact & Pokemon Go in countries like the Philippines who are big on Play2Earn Gaming. It is still very early on and the crypto space has yet to discover this one making it a real gem in the space where it is still very much possible to get an early adopter advantage!

Joining My Community

Anyone who gets in my community regardless if they used my Download Link or not will get the benefits of being in it. There is no advantage or disadvantage to being in a bigger or smaller community as that would be bad game design. The perks of a community is to be in it with friends or like-minded people and the one who is leading the community (me) giving back and helping the ones that are in his community grow faster in the game. The reason to start a community and put effort into it is because it also helps the community owner grow faster since ~5% of purchases are being given as Gems / Crypton / Sale Points / VIP Experience.

Downloading the game with my link will automatically get you in my community, it is also possible to just join manually. To do this, go to the Community Building and search for costanzabets in the search bar, click my name and press the visit button which will have you visiting my community page in the game.

You can then press the button with the person and the + sign to open a popup where you can join my community. It should be free to do so and joining a community only costs gems to prevent community hopping within 24 hours.

Know that you are free to leave the community and join another one at any point in time without any downside to that. It's my job to make sure you want to be and stay in my community. Especially as a new player, I'm sure I can provide some major benefits that will help everyone that is wanting to grow a lot faster.

Community Benefits

1. Personal Guiding Help

On the surface, Clash Of Streamers is a game that can be enjoyed very casually without really knowing what you are doing just having a very basic understanding of all the dynamics what the game is about. When looking deeper into everything, there is a crazy amount dept to the game and info that can help players progress a lot faster. The first couple of months, I played with the info I got straight from what the game provided which got me wondering about many things I really had no clue about what exactly they were about. Once I started putting some effort in looking deeper into all the different dynamics also getting some Personal Guiding help myself, a new world opened up and I managed to increase my account progress pace by a lot as shown in my lifetime account growth chart.

I plan on making a lot of guides around the game in 2022 trying to explain how everything works and why certain dynamics are in place in human language that everyone can understand. I already wrote some basic guides in the past but I gathered a lot more info ever since.

Everyone that is in my community also can contact me personally either directly in the game itself or on Discord (My Username is costanza#2335 on SBC Discord Server or the CoS Discord Server). So if you have a quick question on something you don't understand or something you wonder about you can always direct message me to get it cleared out. The game also allows others to view your progress and your game in future mode. So if you are stuck somewhere I can check your game and directly say what you potentially can do to break through a certain wall you are facing. This will potentially save you a lot of time while allowing you to play a lot more optimized which over time increases what you are able to earn from the game.

** Right now, I am unable to write messages that stay in place in my own community chat but I'm looking to have that resolved hopefully sooner than later. Personal messages do work so don't hesitate to contact me.

2. Crypton & Gems Giveaways

Crypton is by far the most important currency in the game as it provides for the main Play2Earn mechanics.

  • Crypton is Needed to Export Heroes & Pets to the Blockchain
  • Crypton can directly be exported and sold as GUBI on Pancakeswap
  • Crypton is used in the Auction House to buy or sell Pet & Heros Skins

The only way Crypton enters into the Game ecosystem is by players directly buying deals in the game and none of it is created out of thin air which makes it really valuable. Free2Play players are also able to get crypton from the game but they will need to play for quite a long time in a smart way to get to a point where they are able to make some good earnings. Having people in your community buying deals gives 5% of that to the one who runs the community and I intend to give a lot of that back to players in my community in different ways. The game allows to challenge players for Crypton which is what I am doing to those that are buying some deals or using their sale points showing they are looking to progress.

I will mainly challenge players that use their sale points to get expensive deals for free as those give me the most Crypton and progress. I will do this in the campaign building which will require the player to usually climb a couple floors which is really easy to do.

I also get some Gems on the Gamingforgood website which I can send directly to those that have their twitch account linked in their Clash Of Streamers game. Following me on Twitch ( also will give you 5 free skins that I have enabled that you will be able to use in the game and that will boost your skin points in the game.

I will be sending 200k Gems to everyone that is in my community that has their twitch linked and also follows me on there. (Feel free to give me a shout about it). I will also be sending at least 100+ Crypton and 200k+ Gems to those in my community that also reach VIP Level 1 in the game and more for the levels beyond that.

Players with at leasy VIP Level 1 will be the ones I focus most on for these giveaways since they are the ones that provide me the Gems & Crypton to share in the first place.

3. Raffles

The game also has the ability for the community owner to do Raffle Giveaways organizing a Tournament or Brawl between all players that are online in the community. Right now my community is way too small for this but once there is a point where 10+ players are online at the same time I intend to start doing these which will allow players to get some extra Crypton.

4. Weekly Riddle Solution Community Mail

Each week there is a riddle to be solved in the game which the entire Clash Of Streamers community is looking for. Once someone managed to solve it, it is shared in the CoS Discord which allows those that are putting the time into going to the discord looking it up to make some extra progress. I intend to send a community mail each week with the solution to the riddle (if the answer was found) so everyone in my community without much effort will be able to get the rewards from it weekly.

5. Direct Crypton Buybacks

At least 10k Crypton is required if you want to export it to the Binance Smart Chain to sell it on Pancake Swap. It is supported by the fact that Gubi can be used at a minimum price of 1$ for 1000 Gubi in the in-game shop. Since I'm in this game for the long run and will be needing a lot of Crypton to export heroes, I'm willing to directly buy Crypton from players in the game who want to sell but don't have 10k to have it exported. I will be offering the same 1$ for 1000 Crypton price to anyone who wants to directly sell paid in any cryptocurrency that has very low transaction fees.

So if you want to test out the game for a while even as a Free2Play player and you come to a point where you don't want to continue but still get something out of it. You can sell all your pet skins & hero skins in the Auction House and sell that directly to me. Just contact me and we can work out a transfer!


Similar to Splinterlands my aim is to have my link as one of the best to get into Clash Of Streamers helping players to get into this game early before it becomes a lot more popular making sure they have the needed informational edge while sharing a good part of the community rewards I'm getting. Clash Of Streamers is Free2Play and I can recommend everyone to at test it out for themselves to see if it is something they might enjoy like myself and many others do.

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Ok, sounds interesting. Let’s have it a try.


Have fun and if you have any questions about the game always feel free to ask! I would say keep an eye on more articles I'm about to make. In the next one, I will be explaining the entire Play2Earn economy Model. An article fully explaining Pets also is coming.