| Tier 3 Reward Card & General Card Price Decline!

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I got more serious about playing the NFT Fantasy Football Game this new football season and will be keeping track of my personal activity in this series of posts...

It's been a couple of weeks since my last update on my Sorare Journey but I keep grinding it out week by week submitting my teams with limited success as I'm not willing to invest more money while many of my players are either on the bench, out of form or injured which allowed me to pick them up for cheap with an eye to sell for more in the future.

General Price Decline

Based on everything that I'm seeing, there right now is simply to little demand (new players) while the inflation of new cards that are being put up for auction and given out as rewards are way too high. This has put all prices pretty much in a decline making it more affordable to enter. While for sure the market of Fantasy Football is big enough to potentially take up the supply that is limited, right now the gold rush simply isn't there and the question is if it will come when the new bull market actually gets going. I am tempted to pick up more cards at lower prices and might just do this the coming weeks but only cards that have really low value as I have experienced fist hand that buying more expensive cards just holds way too much risk.

Game Week Results

Europe Challenger

I landed a surprise prize-paying place in week 27 scoring 371.92 points thanks to the goalkeeper I bought last time. The reward however wasn't anything to write home about with a low value Japanese player.

Historical Results Limited Challenger Europe

Game WeekPointsRankEntriesPlacesNeededGap
Week 29279.132819th9047950342.4363.3
Week 28329.611266th9662870345.5615.96
Week 27371.92486th8263870348.8-23.12
Week 26231.983610th7600870329.1297.14
Week 25148.4915190th201301228279.50131.01
Week 24116.286747th8297870332.94216.66
Week 23175.837190th97141225337.98162.15
Week 22158.476393th8537890350.58192.11
Week 20177.783600th6220385338.73160.95
Week 1971.707292th7632910321.22249.41
Week 18334.45236th3667385317.56-16.89
Week 17157.476465th74341250323.7175.23
Week 16171.007760th91841250325.71154.71
Week 15116.588186th86961250325.06208.48
Week 14163.477759th90951250319.40155.93
Week 13183.931211th2506385296.32112.39
Week 12239.574396th85561225319.0079.43
Week 11207.845978th90721225317.17109.33
Week 10247.494718th92301200327.3779.88
Week 09163.757588th90061165325.76162.01
Week 08256.693815th93611110342.7886.09
Week 07280.773524th91041110343.5362.76
Week 06246.434990th97891030341.6795.24
Week 05228.353792th8004890323.0194.66
Week 04288.483762th9681850366.578.02
Week 03261.093945th9156850340.0278.93
Week 02261.821781th5545550328.4866.66
Week 01246.412186th4963400354.34107.93

Cap 240 League

No real luck yet in the 240 cap league as each time I failed to reach below the 250 point threshold. It's still a matter of prioritizing between different competitions that I join.

Historical Results Cap 240 League

Game WeekPointsRankEntriesPlacesNeededGap
Week 29176.620331th28589152025073.4
Week 28200.517484th28452152025049.5
Week 27188.217305th27291152025061.8
Week 26180.316616th25038152025069.7
Week 25242.706302th2077615202507.30

Under 23 League

The Under 23 is on paper by far my strongest teams even though I really feel that I miss a reliable striker here since Koita pr Gueye don't alway are in the starting line-up.

Historical Results Limited Under 23 League

Game WeekPointsRankEntriesPlacesNeededGap
Week 29300.322419th9527950348.0747.75
Week 28291.892794th9643950344.1452.25
Week 27316.411341th9216950329.4613.05
Week 26229.483973th8417950319.9790.49
Week 25211.894397th8032950351.85139.96
Week 24312.581330th8291950329.1716.59
Week 23375.30143th81001330302.29-73.01
Week 21276.511213th6949765300.6624.15
Week 19286.25683th5666785280.53-5.72


They started giving coins as rewards which are supposed to get more use-case aside from being able to buy some cosmetics with them. Aside from that there was just 1 disappointing Tier 3 Europe Challenger card that now only is worth 1$ or so.

So far I'm just holding on to reward cards unless they really are worth a lot.

New Player Purchases

I continue to add more players and since the last update I got 7 more.

I just bought 1 more card in Krasniqi who is another Antwerp youngster even though it doesn't look like he will break through anytime soon as it's Zeno Van Den Bosch which I also bought a couple copies of that has pumped a lot. It will be a matter of having a couple big winners with these to offset the loss of many that don't make it.

Upcoming Game Week Line-Ups

I submitted 3 teals but I still might change some players before the final deadline on Friday. I'm also considering buying a good U23 Striker as that position has really hurt my chances to get a real chance at prices most weeks.

Owned Cards & Values

(last Price update 15/03/2023)

PositionTeamPlayerAgeBonus %Buy PricePrice Now
GoalkeeperKortrijkMarko Ilic24+6.0%124.05€35.24€
GoalkeeperAntwerpDe Wolf25+6.0%22.46€6.18€
DefenderAnderlechtZeno Debast19+6.5%116.77€13.60€
DefenderStandardGilles Dewaele26+6.0%3.65€0.62€
DefenderClub BruggeClinton Mata29+6.5%18.59€2.16€
DefenderMechelenLucas Bijker29+5.5%0€0.62€
DefenderGenkMatisse Didden20+9.0%2.08€0.93€
DefenderAntwerpVan Den Bosch18+8.5%2.72€4.17€
DefenderOH LeuvenDe Norre25+8.5%10.77€8.50€
MidfielderOHLMathieu Maertens27+9.0%9.66€2.63€
MidfielderCercleDino Hotic27+10.5%52.48€3.71€
MidfielderBruggeCisse Sandra19+9.5%6.76€4.17€
MidfielderUnionSenne Lynen23+6.0%15.65€6.49€
MidfielderAA GentVadis Odidja33+11.0%2.38€1.99€
MidfielderAA GentVadis Odidja33+6.0%14.60€1.39€
MidfielderAA GentMarreh26+5.0%3.91€0.77€
MidfielerOH LeuvenVlietinck24+10.5%3.69€0.77€
MidfielerEupenBrandon Baiye21+8.0%3.55€1.08€
ForwardClub BruggeYaremchuk26+12.0%58.22€14.68€
ForwardAA GentLemajic28+5.5%12.37€0.62€
ForwardKortrijkHabib Gueye22+5.5%30.98€0.93€

Players Outside Belgian League

PositionTeamPlayerAgeBonus %Buy PricePrice Now
DefenderCerezo OsakaYamanaka29+5.0%0€0.77€
DefenderAntalyasporCemali Sertel22+8.0%0€0.62€
MidfielerJeonbukBae Jae-k21+9.5%0€0.62€
MidfielerHNK SibenikHaruki Arai25+ 6.5%0€0.93€
ForwardZaragozaMakhtar Gueye25+5.5%13.62€0.62€
ForwardMidtjyllandSory Kaba26+9.5%4.15€3.89€
-Unsupported League2 Players--0€1.15€

Short-Mid-Term Trading Purchases

PositionTeamPlayerAgeBonus %Buy PricePrice Now
GoalkeeperAntwerpDe Wolf25+9.5%4.74€6.18€
GoalkeeperAntwerpDe Wolf25+9.5%4.67€6.18€
DefenderAntwerpVan Den Bosch18+7.5%1.92€4.17€
ForwardKortrijkHabib Gueye23+9.5%8.64€0.93€
ForwardKortrijkHabib Gueye23+9.5%3.36€0.93€
ForwardKortrijkHabib Gueye23+9.0%3.48€0.93€
ForwardOostendeMahktar Gueye25+3.5%8.45€0.92€
ForwardAA GentLemajic29+10.0%2.19€0.62€
ForwardAA GentLemajic29+10.0%1.07€0.62€

Finished Trades

BuySellPlayerBuy PriceSell PriceProfit%

Sold Reward Cards
BuySellPlayerBuy PriceSell PriceProfit%

Old Players Sold
BuySellPlayerBuy PriceSell PriceProfit%

I'm doing the recalculation every month or so as it takes quite some time manually now that I start to own more players.

Total Investment: 821.57€
Total Account Value: 513.17€


While I continue to have fun and the prices aren't really my main focus in the short term, It can't be denied that the Sorare economy right now has quite some troubles to carry its weight and nearly all card prices are getting crushed. this could be the ideal time to get in cheap or this might continue for a while with only the really strong player keeping their value as they are the only ones that are really useful. Those that are Football fans looking to test their skills, feel free to use my Link to sign up as that will give you a free limited card after having collected your first 5 cards to form a team.

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Crypto & Blockchain-Based Bookies and Exchanges that I'm personally using as they allow anonymous betting with no KYC or personal restrictions...

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Hello my friend! In my opinion Sorare case goes beyond bear market due to the fact that this is a more autonomous sector than most video games, with many users who are not from the crypto environment.

It seems to me that it has to do with there being very little incentive to play as the odds of getting good rewards are very low even by making a considerable investment.

On the other hand in the marketplace I have heard comments from good sources about the existence of bots to publish the cards as well as weird situations with holders who buy complete collections and practically have controlled prices, all this also discourages those who want to engage in trading.

So enjoy it as a good game and think in the long term.

By the way, have you tried World Super League and/or Ultimate Champions?


In the end it always comes down to enough new players coming in and that tends to happen either in a limited way or everyone at once when there is hype for some reason.

I never heard of World Super League or Ultimate Champions. I'm also not sure if I have the time for a 4th NFT game to really get into.


They are Sorare's competitors at the moment, although they are targeting different audiences.

WSL & UC have a different format in terms of card design, pack presentation and gameplay, as well as a smaller market and a native token.

I have them on my radar because they are currently more profitable than SORARE and require the same amount of time.


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