Splinterlands vs Clash of Streamers | Daily Quests & Rewards Compared!

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Splinterlands and Clash Of Streamers are the 2 main Play2Earn Crypto Games I'm playing daily with an eye on the long run as I believe both can provide good sustained earning potential. In this article I will be comparing the Daily Quests and the Rewards for the players of these games...

About Splinterlands & Clash Of Streamers

Both these games have been in development for about 5 years. Spinterlands had the approach of launching a very basic product (steemmonsters) developing and improving things along the way. Clash of Streamers waited to release a more finished and polished product about 8 months ago in a soft launch which they used as a way to improve things based on the data they were getting. Both games have a really solid team behind them and they do allow players to earn in various ways.

I would say for Splinterlands, the early adopters' advantage is mostly gone which is always how it tends to go with these games. At the start, when the player base is limited with a lot of uncertainty about whether it's going to get adopted or not, the game tends to give a lot (even though it might not be worth that much at that time). I remember the time when buying the 10$ spellbook actually gave players all the starter cards from the beta set. Just those summoner's alone are now worth 250$+. There used to be no collection power requirement and all chests gave cards that are now really rare. Currently, Splinterlands has around 300k active users.

For Clash Of Streamers which has been released for 8 months now, it feels very similar to the early days of Splinterlands with the main difference that there is a much higher certainly that it will get mass adoption (purely going from the data and the game itself). They already have 100k daily active players but most of them likely have no real clue yet what they are doing which gives a massive informational edge to those that do understand. There have been a couple of nerfs already like the golden boost yearly subscription that was overpowered being removed while there aren't that many buyers yet to the weekly exclusive pets & heroes that will never return which I am personally buying and holding for years to come (See Reasons I bought 6 Furamingo Pets). There are still some crazy deals in the game that I can see getting nerfed like the Insanity Deals which you can all get for just 25 Sale points at level 25. For those getting in now, I would say it is still very early especially when you have the informational edge, Clash of Streamers is also Free2Play!

Daily Quest Systems Compared

Both these games have a daily quest system that gives rewards to players for logging in and bringing activity.

Splinterlands Daily Quest
The daily quest system of Splinterlands is really basic in that a player most of the time needs to win 5 games with a certain Splinter in order to unlock the Loot Chest rewards. It is there purely as a function to force players to own a wider card collection or incentivize daily rentals based on the specific quest of that day. The quest can be refreshed every 23 hours so you need to really have a routine that can be screwed up if you once forget are unable to manually refresh.

Personally, I think this is a classic case where the economy comes at the cost of Fun & Gameplay. It easily takes 20 to 30 minutes each day to complete as you constantly have to force the quest onto the game rules to complete it playing sub-optimally. This is just frustrating and makes the quest every day a task for I would argue many players. Playing the game freely after the quest is completed just is a lot more fun. I already wrote an article on this issue a while ago (See: Splinterlands | Improving Daily Quest Dynamics). Once you complete the quest, you get your reward chests and the higher league you are in the more chests you will get. The odds of what you get from Silver League and higher are always the same. For bronze, the rewards are completely nerfed making it nearly impossible to get some organic growth.

Clash Of Streamers Daily Quest
Giving players a Fun Experience is something that is much more central in Clash Of Streamers and it shows in their Daily Quest System. The general model of the game is that each player gets a certain amount of progress for free each day in the form of Free Spins, Free Scrolls, Free Battles, Free Attracts, ...

Clash Of Streamers works with a 'Pay-2-Progress-Faster' monetization model which is very Free2Play Friendly still now with some very small microtransaction already giving a crazy progress boost.

Just playing the game making progress in different buildings completes these daily quests and gives players reward chests that include gems, heroes, eggs, legendary stars, ... that all help to make more progress in the game.

By clicking dotman on the top left, you go from building to building where actions are needed to complete the quests and there is even automation built into the game as the game will automatically complete the quest when keeping dotman pressed (this function unlocks once a player reaches account level 1)

Each day, an account can also get a maximum of 100 pets which is the main day-to-day play2earn mechanic. 50 of those come from eggs that you get from opening Daily Quest Loot Boxes, Achievement Loot Boxes, Campaign Tower Fights. 50 can be obtained in a similar way to Pokemon Go but they can also just be attracted which costs some in-game gems that you get from loot boxes you earn in the game not requiring you to go out.

The daily quest refreshes each day at a fixed time and players are still given all the free daily gems & spins the next time they log into the game (Not the 100 daily pets & daily quest loot boxes). The game also has a system where it gives new players something called "Catch-up Luck" which gives increased luck to new players or those that missed days since they started playing in order to catch up.

New players will get a certain amount of increased luck spread over a time period based on how long the game has been released. So if you Install the game now to test it out, you will for a total of 8 months each day get increased luck and if you don't play for a month and return to the game you will get a crazy amount of free gems and spins from all the daily quests you missed during that time. If anything, Clash Of Streamers wants to avoid that playing the game becomes a task and is extremely forgiving on players that don't play daily.

Daily Quest Rewards Compared

Splinterlands Rewards
When you complete the daily quest, you will get a certain amount of loot boxes. The higher league you are, the more you can get, but you also need a minimum required Collection Power so players that have not invested in the game are unable to get bigger rewards.

Except from Bronze league, all the odds are the same and the number of chests you get is the variable. A Reward chest can contain a potion which is a bit of a non-reward as it's just there to incentivize players to buy card packs since they give increased odds of getting golden or legendary cards. A Random amount of DEC which is the reward currency of the game of which a certain amount is created out of nothing each day. DEC can be used at market price to buy deals in the game with a floor of 1$ for 1000 DEC. Cards are also given as rewards they can be used in the game and also contain a value in DEC they can be burned for.

This is what a day of rewards in Gold 2 Looks like (I got really lucky on a golden Rare card today)

At the end of the season, players also get reward chests based on their final ranking.

Clash Of Streamers Rewards
The entire game is built around rewards and opening loot boxes. Each loot box can contain different types of Gems, Chips, heroes, scrolls, eggs, ... that all can be used toward making progress in the game toward the end goal of reaching a max level Pet or a Hero which can be exported to the blockchain. These exported NFTs also have a value attached to them (see: burn.clashofstreamers.com) for which they can be burned for along with incentives not to do so as the value goes increases over time with some clever mechanics.

For those who want to earn in the short-term or don't have the ambition to reach the end-goal of exporting and NFT there is the in-game currency Crypton. It is needed to export NFTs and the only way Crypton gets into circulation in the game is by players buying deals. It gets redistributed also to Free2Play players through the Auction House and from the Spellbook.

Every day, you will be able to claim passive Crypton from the Spellbook based on the progress you have made (It can take some weeks to first get it as a free2play player). You can increase the passive Crypton you get from your spellbook by getting more duplicate ability sets just by playing, by upgrading the spellbook which costs Crypton, and by having the right abilities set on your 6 Pet Guardians

Right now, after 8 months of play, I'm getting 394 Crypton passively each day (0.39$). I did buy some deals along the way for roughly 300€ which helped me to make some faster progress (I still have a lot to get from those deals as many things are given gradually over an entire year, and I could easily get my money back and more as I own a lot of the exclusive pets & heroes that will never return)

The 100 Pets each player can get daily which can easily be sold on the Auction House are the most valuable rewards. Collecting individual pets helps players make a lot of progress in the game (especially the Shiny and Colored ones) while having more pets and a higher level account increases the luck a player has to get more rare pets. For this reason there is a demand of player buying them for Crypton in the Auction House.

From my 100 pets today I managed to get these good ones:

  • 1 Colored Legendary: ~1500 Crypton (1.5$)
  • 1 Shiny Rare: ~400 Crypton(0.4$)
  • 4 Colored Epic: ~100 Crypton (0.3$)
  • 30+ Colored Rare: ~5 Crypton (0.15$)

I could technically sell them and cash out but that would go against the progress I'm still trying to make. I am selling duplicate Pets I'm getting and using the Crypton I'm getting to continue Upgrading my Spellbook while also Buying more pets that I don't own yet just to increase my progression and luck.

Everyone starts the game with Rare Trust Level which won't give you as high of a chance to get Colored, Shiny Epic, or Legendary Pets so don't expect to start the game and instantly be able to get a couple bucks from selling pets. I personally don't intend to cash out from Clash Of Streamers for at least the next 1.5 year and see that period as an accumulation zone similar to Splinterlands from late-2018 to mid-2021.


Splinterlands is a game where players pretty much need to make an initial investment on top of the 10$ Summoner's Spellbook and those willing to do that can pretty much instantly earn from the Daily Quests even though it will require quite some time each day. Clash Of Streamers, on the other hand, is Free2Play and it doesn't take much time to complete the Daily Quests each day, but it will take many days to slowly but surely grow your account to a level where you have a lot more luck. Having an informational edge along with some small purchases can speed up this process a lot.

Anyone who is interested in trying out Clash Of Streamers, feel free to use my Link or use the QR code above which will put you inside my community where I'm helping everyone out if they have questions also sharing some of the Crypton that I'm earning. Good Luck!

Other Articles on Clash Of Streamers (more are coming)

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I'm really confused by clash of streamers. But Im always confused at the start of a game. I'll give it a chance.

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I also was quite confused for quite a while playing the game as it's something I never played before and especially in the first months there wasn't all that much info. It literally took me 6 months to properly understand what pets are about. I'll be making a lot more guides going forward that should help new players get a grip on things. Once you understand all the aspects of the game and how everything is connected it becomes even more fun and addictive.


guides would be awesome. starting from first step. I downloaded the app to my pc but am afraid to open it lol

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The game is optimized for mobile actually so it's recommended to play on your phone, on PC it can only be played through bluestacks which is an android emulator. It's designed to play during short breaks so perfect for mobile.


ok, I might try it on my phone then.

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I am curious about this game. I did sign up under your referral link. It's sort of fun but it would be nice if there was a mode where the battles weren't as automated, that part kind of feels brainless. Also it feels like there is not really any direct use for the GUBI token (?) as of yet unless you can spend it directly in game (I know crypton=1 gubi but technically if they are not the same it means you can't spend the actual gubi token on anything) and also, the trading volume on bsc is super low and I would be afraid to trade it on ethereum due to fees.

I still think it's really interesting though.


The game itself is actually all about the process of leveling up and collecting pets, the battles themselves are actually not the main gameplay and they indeed are a bit brainless which suites 99% of the mobile gamers who tend to spend money and just want a dopamine.

It's actually how everything is interconnected that makes the game great for players that want a lot more dept and skill required. That however takes quite some time to properly understand as there are a lot of dynamics to each of the individual buildings that aren't exactly explained. Discovering all these things for me was really fun and it took me quite a while before I was knowing what I was doing (mainly because there was limited info available when the game was released)

I'll be making a lot more articles going forward with all the info I learned that will help players make a lot faster progress also earning them a lot more.

The GUBI token can be used to buy in-game purchases at a price of 1000 GUBI = 1.3$ on shop.gamingforgood.net. So if it's trading a lot below there is an incentive to buy, if it is trading closer to it players that want to cash out can sell for a good price.
I tried it for the first time a couple days ago to get the yearly Crypton Boost (for 47k GUBI you get 50K Crypton dropped in the game over the course of a year along with 600 VIP experience and 12 Million Gems)

They also have plans to bridge their main tokens PRPS & DUBI onto Polygon.

The thing is that it's still very early and they are developing and making improvements as a nice pace. A lot of deals and mechanics in the game still give way too much and they likely will get nerfed as more players come in. They get around 36k installs each day now.

If you can I would say join my community and also make sure to connect a twitch account to the game if your can. To get in my community go to the community building and search for costanzabets

Good Luck!


That's great to know. I'm glad to hear you can spend the GUBI on in game purchases. I will be interested to learn more about the strategy aspects.

One thing I just thought of that would be cool would be if you could battle pets with other players in Pokemon style battles :)