Introducing the LeoFinance WhiteBook Version 1.0 | Our Vision, Mission and Expansion as a Web3 Platform

My Important Preface Nobody has seen this whitebook yet. It's been a draft for over a year now and has continually changed shapes and…

LeoAlpha: Thorchain (RUNE) - Tracking the Opportunities and Future of Multi-Chain Swaps

Welcome to the first LeoAlpha post. ICYMI, I wrote about this idea I have for generating more Alpha for everyone here on LeoFinance. We…

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #7 | Mobile App v0.0.12, Leo Podcast, Marketing, IDOs and Kingdoms TVL $6m+

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance Latest Iteration of the LeoFinance Mobile App and Progress Update Leo Podcast Returns! Leo…

LeoAlpha: A New Series

I've been working closely with our marketing organization in recent weeks as we develop the podcast and build out a content library on…

2 New CUB Kingdoms! | SPS-BNB Kingdom & BTCB-BNB BakerySwap Update (Action Required)

New SPS-BNB Kingdom! !

CUB V2 Migration Day Has Begun! | Tutorials, Impacts & More

The day has finally arrived! We've migrated our vaults, operations and interface to handle V2. Now it's time for CubFinance users to…

PancakeSwap V1 API Outage | Workaround Deployed and Migration to V2 Imminent

Hey everyone! As you may have noticed, the PancakeSwap API for V1 had a major outage over the weekend. This outage impacted the AMM site…

Major Update to CUB IDO System | IDO #2, #3, #4

The IDO technology we built for CubFinance worked flawlessly from a mechanical perspective. CUB-BUSD went in, CAKEPOP went out. The round…

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Recap #5 | Hive Mobile App Open Beta in October, MASSIVE CUB Burn Event, IDO Improvements, New Curation Team

▶️ Watch on 3Speak LeoFinance has been working on a wide variety of projects since the beginning of 2021.

Power-Down started: thinking out loud plans for the bear market.

What, why? Yes. This might catch you by surprise, I guess, since I have always been a biased permabull by definition. However…

Contest | Coyote League week 1 (Ninth Edition)

This post can also be read in Portuguese Started! Are you ready? This was the first time the new award was made. Congratulations…

IDOs On Cubfinance Not Endorsed By Leofinance Team

There are a lot of people excited about the upcoming Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) being put out by Cubfinance. This makes sense…

$CAKEPOP Token Launch  -  Strategic Partnership With CubFinance

We’re excited to announce the launch of CAKEPOP — a new dividend paying yield token on the Binance Smart Chain! The mission of…

Splinterlands BR Talk #5 - 20/08/2021

Olá pessoal! Splinterlands BR Talk de volta na quinta edição! É tanta novidade que é difícil acompanhar o que

Splinterlands Land Rentals? How Much Will They Be Worth?

Some of you may know I have a lot of Splinterlands cards. It's true. I probably have an irresponsible amount. One of the good things…

Introducing LeoFi | Decentralized Leasing Marketplace for LEO POWER

If you go back several months in time, then you'll see our early talk about LeoFi. As we first began our research into LeoFinance's…

Contest | Coyote League week 4 (eighth edition)

This post can also be read in Portuguese Started! Are you ready? We have reached the final stretch of another month of…

How Will CUB Hodlers Be Able to Participate in CUB IDOs?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this clip from yesterday's live AMA, a community member asks for a simple explan
9 mo

Data On HBDStabilizer | HBD Received/Sent To The Hive.Fund, HBD/HIVE Bought/Sold On The DEX

Let’s take a look how is the @hbdstabilizer doing! For those who don’t know the @hbdstabilizer account is trying to maintain the peg of…

$CUB Is Going To $10

Here we go with some bold predictions. Nevertheless, if you are paying attention, we are going to see something amazing happen in the…