LeoGlossary: The LeoFinance Onboarding Map into Crypto Content Creation - Making Everyone Have a Say on the LeoFinance Ecosystem

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Hello LeoFinance ecosystem! It's been a very busy day and I hope you guys are doing super fantastic. Do have a nice time ahead.



It's good to bring to you notice one of the most innovative idea on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the hive blockchain and that's LeoGlossary. I know you aren't aware about this prior to now, but if you do that God. I'll be explaining this to us in this post, stay tuned.

One of the challenges facing onboarding new bees on the LeoFinance ecosystem is the issues of navigating and knowing the right terminologies to use when create a suitable LeoFinance content.

If you want to know more about the above, just create a platform that you can ask Hivers why they don't create LeoFinance post or why they don't become active on the LeoFinance ecosystem through content creation. I know they'll tell you that it's very difficult to navigate and gain relevance on the LeoFinance ecosystem.

This make LeoGlossary one of the most unique innovations that is launched on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the hive blockchain at large.

What's LeoGlossary?

LeoGlossay is a resource center that focuses upon areas of investing, finance, and cryptocurrency. This is a database full of terms that will aid people in their learning about such topics.Source

Just as it's said above, LeoGlossary gives definition of terms and their usage like the encyclopedia and the wikipedia but it's uniqueness is in the areas of crypto, finance and economics, which are the things needed to navigate into the LeoFinance ecosystem in terms of content creation that are traffic oriented.

Prior to my onboarding into the LeoFinance ecosystem, it was very difficult for me to give the right interpretation for terminologies like altcoin, bull and bear season or market, arbitrage and the likes, but today, it's very easy to read a LeoFinance post and quickly note the terms and immediately using the LeoGlossary platform to define those terms to your understanding.

Friends, I think now is the time for everyone on the hive blockchain, whether they had pre-knowledge of crypto, finance and economics or not they can navigate through the LeoFinance ecosystem with the help of the LeoGlossary platform.

Some Selected Words From the LeoGlossary Platform
I'll be bringing out some selected words from the LeoGlossary platform and what they stand for in the cryptoverse. I'll be using the Main LeoGlossary Menu as a guide for the terms below.

  • Algorithm: A set of rules (instructions) to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations.
    In cryptocurrency it is used to generate keys which keep transactions secure.
  • Altcoin: An altcoin is any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin.
  • Bear Trap: A bear trap is a drop in the price of a financial asset which suddenly reverse. It baits people into giving up their long positions (and even pushing some to go short), only to continue higher.
  • Blockchain: A Blockchain joins groups of financial transactions together in what are called blocks.
    When a transaction is posted, it tells everyone that x amount of the currency was sent from Wallet A to Wallet B. All transactions that occur during that period of time are contained in an individual block.
    With each new block created, it is linked to the previous one thus creating a "chain". After the blocks are fully validated and joined, they cannot be chained without the consensus of the block producers agreeing to reverse it.

These are the few words and their definition from the LeoGlossary platform, for more information on LeoGlossary just click here

Hope now you're convinced to start your first LeoFinance content with the help of LeoGlossary.

Thanks and God bless!

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We look to keep it growing. There is a lot more to do to make it viable.

The format is falling into place, now it is just adding.

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We look to keep it growing. There is a lot more to do to make it viable.

Thanks for your efforts to see the epoch event happen on the LeoFinance ecosystem and the hive blockchain. I believe in the LeoGlossary project and I know that's helpful to many Hivers to navigate through the LeoFinance ecosystem.

Thanks once again for stopping by my post.

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