Predictions for Hive 2021 - LeoFinance plays a part

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I just made a comment at, but I realized the "comment" became more of a post in its own right.

Since I mentioned LeoFinance as a main tenet behind the point I was making, I'll share it here as well...

Predictions for Hive for 2021?...slow-and-steady growth, which is a good thing. Two reasons for this: (1) is abstract...I see everything blockchain is generally strengthening and maturing in its foundations, and Hive is just too strong of a platform to not steadily grow. (2) is practical...@khaleelkazi built a terrific onboarding system utilizing Twitter and SMS for This can only help, especially is others like follow suit.

Two items on my Christmas list: (1) that creating NFTs gets to be as easy as it is on where I was able to mint an NFT in 10 minutes on their first day | (video here), and (2) I begin to understand and use (I'm still looking for that "Get started with Hive-Engine" tutorial).

But mostly, I think steady growth will occur because to me this question just won't go away, "Why would I ever put a lot of effort into something then stick it on a platform so they can own it and earn off of my work when I can put it on Hive and own it and earn off it myself?"

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