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This article is another episode of my previous article which tells about my bad financial condition last year and if you want to know my worst financial resume in 2020 you can read here. In early 2021, I have the provisions to be able to achieve my financial goals in 2021 based on my valuable past experiences. Not all failures make you pain in the ass, i mean it depends on how you respond to the failures you experienced, all of this made me understand how important it is to have savings and investments to save the future.

Become Crypto Blogger

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Am i new to crypto? absolutely not, I already know crypto and get crypto from several faucets, freebitcoin, bitcoin alliens game and some altcoins from airdrop. Am I new to blogger? the answer is yes, I'm just starting now by joining Hive and joining several communities including the Leo Finance Community. How i can join in Hive? I try to search in Google how to earn crypto by writing content then my searching results there are Publish0x, Hive and Steemit. I'm someone who does research before deciding to join, i'm a realistic person and i try to register Publish0x but it is too difficult for me to meet the requirements because I must have a blog for review to become an author whereas i don't have examples of articles and blogs that are different from Hive by registering i can immediately start writing and earning crypto as an author.

Why did i decide become a crypto blogger? the reason is it doesn't cost of money, earns crypto and simultaneously develops my writing creativity and i can read my own article's in the future to reminisce about whatever i have written, besides that i'm tired of following airdop because so many airdrops lead to scams and require cost to get it, therefore i see a definite opportunity to earn crypto's, so this is why i'm here.

My Financial Goals in 2021

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My Financial Goals Strategy in 2021

  • Earning $ 100 in 6 months and invested completely without being used for my own needs.
  • The next 6 months i use the income from crypto blogger for my own needs and save in my bank account but still set aside for crypto investment.
  • Make 5 articles per week
  • Buy some altcoins and invest in them.

Thank you for visiting my article, I hope in this valuable community i can develop my potential and my creativity in writing articles, i'm grateful to find this community and hope that my financial goals can be achieved in 2021. How about you? share your opinion and articles about your financial goals in 2021, so i will touch your response as fast as lightning like the price of bitcoin which is in the bull run moment right now lol 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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