Keeping Quiet As The Values Increase

source **If they ask directly how much Hive I have I could swear on a Bible I have 0 as it is powered up and called Hive Power now.…

Sparing No Expense

source A second satellite will be launched next year to monitor the entire Northern Sea Route plus providing a communication upgrade…

Will This Have An Impact On Hive?

source **I know their tax laws changed as the Government changed it's mind seeing crypto as a hobby at first and now next year will be…

No Fear = No Worries = Confidence

source **I think we are all feeling pretty confident these days

Electric Vehicle Adverts In South Africa - Not Even Close To Being Ready

source I found this quite funny today as this advert came through on my

How Long Do We Have?

source When I first joined Hive 42 months ago the biggest fear was I was too late and that I was going to be swamped by a wave on new…

Taxes And More Taxes Fueling Crypto Adoption

source This week I

Balancing The Books - Formula One

source **Compared to other sports and the challenges they have had to f

Defining Moments

source I think most businesses over the last 18 months that have survived the lockdown periods have faced a testing time. A testing…

Still Too Early

The one thing we know with crypto is that it does have a history of repeating trends and there are some simple ones to keep an eye out…

Hive And Crypto Addiction


Shipping Costs Up 500%

source With the festive season around the corner retailers and shoppers are in for a challenging

Never Burn Your Bridges

source Always leave on good terms as you just never know when you may have to cross that bridge again. This was something that was…

Hive Is In A Good Place Right Now

source This is Hive's performance over the last 12 months and I am impressed with

Partnerships And Adoption Are Key To Opening True Value

We all saw that fake news story today stating Walmart and Litecoin (LTC) had teamed up creating a stir in the market with a quick pump and…

Will We See A Bull Cycle On Tribe Tokens?

source I was wondering today if we will experience a bull cycle on the Leodex tribe tokens. This is a similar scenario to what Bitcoin…

World Travel Will Take Years To Recover

source We are always looking for a crypto that has an everyday use case and in this case with AVA it has that but cannot be fully…

Fat Cats Of The Future

source I think we all got lucky getting involved with the Leo tribe as what is happening is transforming many things and the wealth of…

Bitter Sweet

source The one consequence of Hive going up in value is that the amount of Hive earned on posts drops. The Dollar value goes up but…

Government Trying To Scam The Scammed Funds

Here is a copy of the letter sent out to all members who were part of the MTI scam (Mirror trading international). I think this highlights…