Forcing Us To Behave And Think Like Criminals

source **I am no crook but Black Market Dollars are easy to get hold of and the only currency I struggle with is the GBP and have to make

Feast or Famine

source **Not sure how long we are staying down in this price region for, but it has it's advantages if you are looking at growing your…

Staking Is Being Taken More Seriously

One thing I have noticed over the last 6 months is that so many projects in crypto offer staking. The idea of buying whatever crypto token…

Silicon Chip Shortage Now Blamed On The Vaccine

source **The vaccine comes in a silicon bottle/vial which has created a world wide shortage of silicon. Why not use another material inst

Competitor Advantage

source **Home depot trying to ensure they have products to sell over the festive period this year. I know it is 6 months away, but…

Stop Watching And Walk Away

source When we see the market crashing around us like it is currently we must never forget one thing. Prices change but the…

Sheer Madness And Like The Wild West

Cryptocurrencies have always been volatile and the hope one day they settle down as they mature is just a pipe dream for now. Don't get me…

Really Bullish On The Entire Hive Ecosystem

When I say the Hive Blockchain it means everything on it like the Leofinace tribe which also includes the Kingdoms. Hive in general has…

The Polluted Waters Of Carbon Credits

source If you can get your hands on carbon credits it may be a very sound investment. Funny en

Breaking The Monopoly

source **Putin's target of having the North Sea Passage open by 2024 is looking well on track

Up Or Down?

source 8Retail investors who are gambling money they cannot afford to lose just have no clue what they are doing. The reality is no…

The Master Plan

The master plan is not exactly rocket science but a more obvious solution backed by common sense. The plan is to stake whatever I can out…

Just Keep On Playing

source I was reading @tarazkp's post last

Competitors Are Disappearing

source **I believe these stats are a little misleading and we will see the full horror story over the next 6 months. The businesses that…

BTC As A Legal Tender


Thought This Was Quite Amusing

source found this wile going through my twitter feed and you just never know what beauts you are going to come across. Just thought…

Back To The Lower Levels

source Looks like the whales wanted some cheaper Bitcoin and the only way to do th

Secondary Incomes Are Becoming A Must Have

source **Having 2 jobs is tiring as this is what I had to do for about a year whilst living in the UK. You do get used to it after a…

Looking For Signs

source **Nothing wrong with Bitcoin as it is still on it's course and will only keep becoming more valuable. The entire crypto market is…

Manipulation Through FUD Continues

source **Social media like twitter is a perfect platform to use for FUD as the majority of the popula