Anyone Can Be Successful On Hive

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Hive like anything in life is what you make of it and it is true anyone can be successful on here. You don't have to be superstar with great writing skills or posse a special talent even though that would probably help.

The truth is you just need to be realistic with your expectations and don't expect unrealistic riches. The riches are here if you are prepared to work as this is what unlocks the wealth over time. Anyone who sticks at something for a long period of time is normally successful as they are committed. Staying busy over a long period of time like a few years should help change your life in so many ways and not only financially. I have changed as a person and the way I think just by being on here as you learn so many things about yourself.

I can recall on the old block chain when someone by the name of Banfield had a whole host of videos encouraging people to join through unrealistic expectations of wealth. Most would have left as this is not true as nothing is for free on here and takes effort and time to earn.

When I first joined Hive most of the people on here had a head start of around 12 months and it was about playing catch up. Not having funds to invest the only way I knew I could catch up was by spending more time on here than everyone else and it worked. That is extreme I know as it was a personal challenge that I had set for myself in order to grow. Back then we never had the earning opportunities that are here now so that is not necessary these days.

Consistency and making sure the time you spend on here is fruitful whether curating or commenting is the key to growth as there are no shortcuts. Thankfully Hive is not easy to earn no matter how big you are which gives Hive the value it has. If Hive was easy to earn it would hold little or no value and why many give up not giving this place or themselves a chance.

Over the last year and a half things did change as the users on here were the hard core long term thinkers who know what the possibilities this place holds. The tribes have played a pivotal role in maintaining what we have and developing new things which offers new ways of earning. Look at Leofinance comparing to what was on offer 18 months ago to now and you just cannot compare as the changes are that big and is all about development offering a better product and experience.

New users joining today are very fortunate as the earning potential is everywhere around us and the wealth that is going to be generated is life changing for many. Money should be secondary in your thoughts as growing and adding value to others around you will bring you the riches over time.

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