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Last night I had a message pop up from Hive Buzz stating I had completed 3000 posts which is a decent sized number. For someone who hated writing and was always second guessing whether I could do this I am rather chaffed with what has been accomplished. To think it took me days to write my first post due to not having the personal confidence to even post. That confidence takes some knocks as expected your first post earns nothing and the only vote is a self vote lol.

The consistency is shown in the numbers as turning up each day on Hive is only part of what is required. I joined Hive on the 12th March 2018 which is 1615 days ago which means this averages out at 1.85 posts per day. Post and comment count is not stats one would normally follow as it is just what we do.

The time consumed doing this I hate to even guess, but must be 6000 Hours plus which is 250 days writing posts which is nuts. Many may look at your account and say you got lucky not realising how much effort has gone into creating your stake. Not forgetting over 20 000 comments which is more time consuming as you have to read the posts to make proper comments. Comments are seriously important as they complete and add to the posts.

My advice to anyone trying to make it on Hive is to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in as nothing comes easy and you need to find your niche. the more you do the more you lean and develop as an individual which is what is important. There is room for everyone to succeed and with effort and consistency success should follow. Hive is not about earning a quick buck as success doesn't happen overnight and takes time to gain traction.

One can understand why many give up as the effort required to build your account from scratch can take years. Saying that it is far easier now and why the tribes play a massive role as you can find your home where you fit in.

I do think when you first start out you don't think very far ahead as you don't know what you have signed up to. This I believe is a commitment as once you achieve success you are here for good and just becomes a way of life. How many other Crypto projects can you say you have invested for life as Hive is just that different to everything else?

Building on top of what we have already built will only lead to long term success and one has to be excited of what the future holds.

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