Governance Token Will Be The First New Token

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Those that have been following my posts will know about the latest TestNet2.0 that was launched this week. This is the biggest development COTI has ever done as it has taken COTI from a one token chain to a multi token chain. COTI becomes a stable coin factory for Enterprises/businesses along with supplying the Cardano DJED stablecoin.


Just in the last month we had 5 new partnerships announced with DJED and expect these to continue to rise in number. This is one project that will hit the ground instantly making revenue for the COTI Treasury.

The team announced yesterday that the first token we shall see as DJED is delayed will be the COTI Governance token. This will be issued to investors who have staked within the Treasury. The airdrop amounts will not necessarily reflect on the amount staked but more on the length of time staked. Investors who are committed by the length of time their stake is locked up will reap the benefits. How much will the Governance token be worth we have no clue but any airdrops will be welcome as who doesn't like free money for what you do anyway.

Currently the longest one can stake is the 120 day locked with the extended option accepted. This for me is a no brainer as after every 120 days one would normally have to pay the re staking fees and I just see that as a waste of money. The only fee I want to be paying is the farming fees when collecting the rewards from the APR so compounding can take place. These fees are minimal and are literally a couple of COTI each week for these actions.

There is going to be longer locking options available with a higher APR on offer which are expected to launch within the next few weeks. These will be in place before the Governance tokens are airdropped and hopefully they have multiple year options. This was something similar to what Taskmaster mentioned in the past with HBD as if you are looking for a passive income one day this is ideal.

My vision for COTI is to eventually have so much locked up that the rewards will pay a monthly payout that one can use going directly to their bank card which would make things simple and easy to control. This is an option already through their viper wallet but I need much more stake before that is a reality for myself.

On the current prices and APR the earnings I make are roughly $25 per month and would like that to climb to at least $200 whilst still at these low prices. With an increased APR the growth of the stake will be a little quicker than what is currently happening. When the $1 price is reached which I am confident it will that would be worth around $2000 per month as a passive income. Having a 15% APR (low end) is what I predict as we are going to see numerous projects funding the COTI Treasury funding the APR.

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