Hive Is In A Good Place Right Now

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This is Hive's performance over the last 12 months and I am impressed with what has been achieved. There is definitely something special happening and this is all going on unnoticed as Hive is not one of the "special" coins that is ever mentioned. Over 325% is a performance that can't be sniffed at as that is seriously good going. 27% per month average is better than decent and we have had no pumps for the market and this is organic growth as we have held our price.

You would have thought that the amount of Hive going off the exchanges would set tongues wagging but not even a murmur. At some point someone doing the research into possible gems will notice this and all hell has to break loose. Until then we can carry on as we are as it is bound to happen at some point.

Hive doesn't have someone who is shilling us on various platforms and we as a group are in need of more tools like Project Blanc. I know @leofinance said "soon" not that long ago and sometime this year. I see other coins which are "centralised having their spokespeople out informing everyone on various crypto talk shows and maybe we need someone who is charismatic and knows what is going on to take the lead. Then again we are decentralised and that is more of a selling point and what ultimately makes Hive unique in so many ways. What other coins out there are in our position with a community calling the shots?

I do believe like many others on Hive we have seen nothing yet and this is not the Bull cycle making Hive go up as we have been stable over 50c for two months already with no major pull backs or dips. Hive never went down last week which virtually every other coin did by over 20% as we all believe in what we have here and this is not really an investment like any other coin. We need Hive as stake in order to make more Hive and it is that simple. Hive is what we could call a working coin as it works for you in so many ways.

We often hear the term a "perfect storm" when everything lines up at the right time as it is all about timing. With Hive continually moving off the exchanges back into Hive wallets or into opening new accounts for Splinterlands it is perfect as the Bull cycle hits. The same scenario we are seeing with Bitcoin as Bitcoin moves off the exchanges and into institutional cold wallets for safe keeping. We aren't at that point yet but neither is the Bull cycle and possibly in a month or two we should see how this impacts the Hive price. Throw in the development we all know that has happened as that normally takes time to filter through in value terms. Things are definitely looking interesting on Hive for a great end of year and an even better 2022.

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