The Best Tool On Hive Developed By Leo

13 days ago
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This is the best tool I have seen on Hive/Leo and one everyone should be using. A tool that allows you to support more users by upvoting in the various tribes without burning your VP on your main account as quickly as before.

These days on Hive the biggest challenge is managing your Voting Power as you are limited to 10 x 100% votes daily. If you are involved in multiple tribes using the VP in each one is impossible as you will just run out of power.

Everyday I was left frustrated having over 90 percent on voting bars sitting in the tribes and there was nothing I could do. Many users registered new alt accounts and overcame that situation which is great but I know me as it would confuse the crap out of me and best to keep things simple.


I upped my vote by 4 x on the multiplier for Leo and will now adjust the other tribes as well. if I was using 5% before I am now using 20% with this simple adjustment. This allows me to vote far more than I normally would be able to.

Leofinance with their Leodex site has fixed this situation allowing you to use your idle VP separating the tribes with a very smart tool. I was playing around with it yesterday and managed to use my daily allocation of 20% but still maintain my overall VP on my main account. This is a game changer and why I say it is the most important tool we have on the hive blockchain now as it allows us to support so many more accounts.

Curation and engagement is the heart and soul of Hive and having idle VP sitting in tribes helps no one. With this tool everyone can grow that much quicker as supporting many other users is now possible. This upgrade has allowed me to hand out over 1 Leo in rewards daily and allowed me to earn 0.5 Leo every day. Sounds like nothing but that nothing is an extra 24 Leo in votes over the course of 1 month. 12 Leo for users I support and 12 Leo for curation rewards so it is a huge win in my opinion.

Why was this never added before on Hive and we had to wait for Leo to come up with this shows me they can see what is needed. I have always thought of something like this but had no idea it was even possible and something so simple has added so much more value to earning potentials for everyone.

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