The Great Thumbsuck

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Over the last few days a price prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum has been trending on many crypto sites. The person involved works for ARK investments and I think it is nothing out of the ordinary with what they are predicting.

The thumbsuck or price prediction for Bitcoin reaching $1 million and Ethereum reaching $180K. This would mean the market cap would be in excess of $20 trillion by then which is only a 12 x from where we currently sit today.

I think just being involved in crypto is reassuring when you see these types of predictions even though they are meaningless. We all know the prices are going up over the next 10 years and that is what really counts.

There is so much development still to take place as DeFi has showed how the landscape can change in just a very short period of time. Obviously everyone is biased and leans towards the projects they are involved with whether through investment or Proof of Work or perhaps both.


Maybe Taskmaster has some secret powers in his glasses but who is to say he is wrong on this one. Even if he is 50% out we would all be extremely happy.

Taskmaster came out with his own thumbsuck the other day saying Leo could hit $200 and if the planets line up and we continue in the same way who is to say he is nuts. Personally I would be happy if we achieved 50% of what people have been predicting as that would make everyone on here extremely wealthy and financially free. I am bullish on the entire Hive eco system and don't see why this place cannot be worth a fortune in the coming years. One must just remind ourselves we have been here less than 2 years and look at what has been accomplished already. Multiply that time by 5 x and then what will we have to offer the crypto space?

One thing I think we can all agree upon is that crypto prices have a long way to go still and staying involved all the way is the smart way to act now. Whatever the prices may be in the future they will be more than they are now as we are only just at the beginning. Some of us already have decent $$$ values behind our stakes and investments and expect a hell of a lot more $$$ to appear over the next 10 years.

Place like Hive and the various communities still need loads of development and community involvement to create the home for those that still have to find us. This kind of reminds me of that film with Kevin Costner "Field of Dreams" where the saying was "build it and they will come." Hive is built and being developed and they will surely come whenever that might be as this is just too good to not succeed.

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