What's the Best Performing Asset of 2021 YTD?

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In a followup to a similar previous post, I thought it was time to analyze which asset is performing the best so far in 2021. I compared Bitcoin as the sole crypto against the S&P, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Gold, and Silver. The results are below:
best performing asset of 2021 to date.png

As you can see, despite the May selloff, Bitcoin has remained the highest performing asset of the bunch at ~22.49%, nearly doubling the next-best performing asset (S&P).

3 unexpected observations:

  1. TradFi stock indicies S&P, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ all performed very similarly, differing no more than 2% YTD.
  2. Gold and silver have actually- performed negative in 2021 YTD, with silver posting -7% and gold down nearly -10%.
  3. The US dollar (brown line) trading steadily around +2.68%, offering little upside as always and, of course, rapidly devaluing in the face of double-digit inflation.

Does any of this surprise you? What surprises you the most?

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