"Bitcoin is Dying!"

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Every time Bitcoin falls, the skeptics start saying: “I told you, Bitcoin is a scam!”, these are the same people who never read Bitcoin white paper, never owned a Satoshi or sent it to a friend on the other side of the world.

Yes, Bitcoin is a volatile asset, and in one day it can go up by 15% or drop by 15%, because the cryptocurrency market is still very small, and it is traded as a tech stock. We are just at the beginning of crypto technology, the same way we were with internet technology in the 2000s. People don't know how to valuate crypto, the same way investors didn't know how to valuate tech stocks in the 2000s.

During the Dot-Com bubble crash, many shit stocks were hyped and these were the ones that imploded. But the real projects with strong fundamentals and underlying technology like Apple and Microsoft flourished, and people today cannot imagine their lives without this technology.

If you believe in crypto as a technology is a Ponzi scheme scam, think about how your life would be without the internet today...

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I like your post and I believe bitcoin will be higher 100,000$.


Thank you:) I think so too!


Cheers! To Bitcoin's success!




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I've heard enough of thi, lol. It is what it is, ignorance is speaking out of people who don't know the deal about cryptocurrency.

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It's quite amusing how some people react when the market is going downwards. Guess even years from now, some would still say BTC is dying :)

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