OMNI Airdrop!

Here's an airdrop you may want to give a try. OMNI is some short of new social media blockchain thingie that is about to launch and they…

Pandora's Box: Central Banking Nightmare.

Here, take this box, but don't open it!

How a Billioner can ruin your day

I don't really know what that dude is thinking and what might his intentions be, but i know for sure but that he grew many haters.. In my…

Back in the old good days!

The PlebKing is finally back after a long period of silence, the first sign of recovery is the nice power up that i just did and missed…

Are you afraid?

This month was extremely bad for the whole cryptosphere, annoying rich people manipulating the market, cryptoblood floud in the streets…

A small sacrifice

Adding ADA on my bags was indeed a very good move, but also lucky one. It was so hard for me to sell any of my leo Holdings to buy…

Diving more into CubFinance and BUSD-CUB Pool

Well yeah, it was already predetermined when i bought 305 CUB two days ago an

Introducing LeoBridge: Permissionless Cross-Chain Swaps ERC20 -> BEP20

Everything in DeFi moves at a ridiculously fast pace. People expect the world to change overnight, contracts to be written in minutes and…

My position in CUB-BUSD LP farm

After many experimentations with @cubfinance and the pools there, i think i

Hive overcome Leo after so long

How long has it been since we saw Hive above leo? I was quite surprised this morning seeing that, i was sure about Hive's recovery after the

Bitcoin scam

It's finally happened, the bubble of cryptos burst. The true colours of that huge scam called cryptocurrencies finally revealed.

It's ADA's time!

And yeah i'm on that ship too! Well ok, i can't be rich with my HODLINGS but

Staking ADA with Daedalus Wallet

It's been a week since i bought ADA in exchange with my bleo and so far is one of the longest periods being absent and not posting a…

ADA (Cardano) just added to my Portfolio. How CubFinance made me buy ADA

It's the first time ever that i sell leo (bleo) for something else outside o

A pleasure in the eye

It might be late compared to other coins but its finally here, the Bull moment everyone waiting for, Hive and it's assets looks so strong…


It's been almost a month since CubFinance launched and after the initial extremely high APR's everything seems more notmal like and calm…

What a great way to start your Day!!

Hive was for so long in the depths of the abyss and many have lost their fait

Time to test Leobridge

Hey Fellas, long time no see. It's been so long since i was so inactive for such long period of time, well i guess it's not that bad to…

Airdrops Here, Airdrops There, Airdrops Everywhere!! A Manncave's production CineTV!

Once again my senpai @trumpman shilled something very interesting, a new tribe that just born on

Announcing the launch of CineTV

Announcing CineTV. The hive ecosystem's very own film and TV project. Brought to you by Hive Engine's favourite BRO's, The Man Cave…