1000$ away for BTC to hit a new ATH

15 days ago
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It was Dec 16, 2017 when BTC hit ATH at $19,665.39, almost 3 year later it knocks again that door and looks ready for way higher heights. That time the majority of the coins (altcoins) had followed BTC on a crazy run that led people to feed with unfounded expectations for every shitcoin out there that eventually crashed into oblivion. Now it's a bit different, the altcoins are still follow BTC but there's not comparison with what happened 3 years ago, with only exception Ethereum that looks pretty bullish. In my humble opinion only projects with true potential will survive and eventually thrive, leofinance it seems that might be one of those projects, it has very strong community, it's built on amazing blockchain, it has a hard working dev team with vision, it has the native token (wleo) pegged with ETH (that's huge) and pretty much the fundamentals to be successful.

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