Can they go any lower??

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Of course they can and they will, for those who believed that after BTC hitting 69k and ETH 4.9k the bottom of both would be close to previous Highs, this is slap break their bubble dreams.
I don't know how low they might get, but it wouldn't surprise for me if they go to a range 10-12k for btc and 400-600 for Eth.

Merge slap!!!


No lower that 23k slap!!

61% loses for both yearly...

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Let there be blood




Been expecting this. No shock. I wouldn't like to see BTC head below $10K though. A bit too "damaging". My target has always been $12K to $13K. However, I wouldn't be surprised by a brief crash to $10K.

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Try to imagine the feelings of people who bought at 69k believing that will hit 100k, like ozzy says suicide solution 😂😂.