More power in my Splinterlands decks!!!

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In continuation of my deck improvement from yesterday, today i made some more purchases to gain some lvls in certain cards that are very useful. First of all it was necessary to improve a bit my weak Death deck (weak for gold leagues), so the first addition was 14 Venari Bonesmiths and 1.455$ to reach lvl 4 and get the poison ability! Poisoning your opponents while you also gain their life is pretty awesome and cheap (1.455$)!

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The second card i choose from the Death Splinter was the Life Sapper, this one costed me a bit more but the extra magic damage he got from the lvl up worth the 2.391$ for 11 cards!

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DHAMPIR STALKER was the third card from the Death Splinter that got improvement, to get some big damage boost with good health for survivability, 0,957$ for this one is a fair deal!

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Next is a card that had ruined many times my gameplay with it's abilities, Riftwing is an amazing card at lvl 5 with the backfire, fly and scavenger abilities!! To make him lvl 5, 27 cards and 3,181$ was needed..

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I was planning to share also my other purchases but this post will get big and full of images, this is not necessary bad, but to tell you the truth its better to make a separate post tomorrow (lacking content lately) and share possible new additions!!

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