Bitcoin price fell below $ 50 thousand to 46 thousand

The US inflation data for April changed the direction of the wind in all markets. On the stat, the dollar strengthened throughout the…

Ethereum has updated its all-time high

Ethereum hit its all-time high, breaking its $ 500 billion market cap for the first time. On Binance, the price went up to $ 4,370. The…

Sales began in the US high-tech sector

On May 10, he just wrote that the S & P500 index rushing up, as at the end of the day it fell by 1.04%, to 4188.44. For S & P500 futures…

Latest news in the crypto industry

Negative Chinese CITIC Bank has banned the use of accounts for transactions with bitcoin. Turkey obliged bitcoin exchanges to…

Dogecoin hit an all-time high

Dogecoin hit an all-time high of $ 0.74 right before Elon Musk's SNL appearance. At the renewed high, Dogecoin's market cap reached $ 95.3…

On Wednesday, May 5, Bitcoin trading ended in growth

Buyers raised the rate 7.96% to $ 57,436, blocking the May 4 decline. According to technical analysis, Bitcoin is expected to strengthen…

Bitcoin - The first target level will be the level of 66.5

On Tuesday, May 4, Bitcoin trading ended with a decline of 6.94% to $ 53,200. The price fell by $ 54,580 in Asian trading. The fall…

Bitcoin rises in price against the US dollar

Bitcoin has appreciated against the US dollar since October 2020. It closed April at a loss of 1.78%. The series of bullish candlesticks…

Buyers need to skip $ 58,000 and they did it

After the fall in the value of bitcoin to $ 46,930, the price recovered by 20%, to $ 56,428. Buyers need to skip $ 58,000, which will…

Cryptocurrency for Turks

Cryptocurrency was the only defense against inflation for the Turks. The Central Bank of Turkey has been fighting inflation for a long…

Bitcoin price growth has slowed down

On Tuesday, April 27, the bitcoin rate rose by 1.87% to $ 55011. The price growth slowed down as investors bought top altcoins with…

Bitcoin has risen in price by 10.06%

On Monday, April 26, at the end of the day, bitcoin rose in price by 10.06%, to $ 54,001. The week started off well. The liquidity zone is…

Bitcoin has reached a local minimum

On the Binance exchange, Bitcoin reached a local low of $ 46,930 on the night of Sunday to Monday, after which it received support from…

Bitcoin rate fell to 48555

At the auctions in Asia, the bitcoin rate fell to 48555. Alts also sagged. I believe that the new crypto collapse is associated with the…

Bitcoin has fallen in price again

On Wednesday, April 21, Bitcoin fell 4.67% against USDT to $ 53,783, while ETH gained 1.16% to $ 2,357. If we go back to yesterday's…

Bitcoin remains under pressure

On Tuesday, April 20, Bitcoin trading on the Binance exchange closed with growth. The price increased by 1.42% to $ 56425. Bitcoin remains…

Bitcoin can't bounce back from the fall

Bitcoin is still struggling to recover from the 15.8% drop to 50,931 USDT. During the fall, eight exchanges were forcibly liquidated long…

Massive power outage in China's Xinjiang province

Another reason for the fall in the bitcoin rate is the collapse of the hash rate by 40%. This happened due to a massive power outage in…

Elimination of long positions

Over the past 4 hours, the crypto has liquidated $ 8.19 billion long positions as the Bitcoin price dropped to $ 50.9k. The bitcoin price…

Bitcoin and Turkish Lira

On Wednesday, April 14, the bitcoin rate rose to $ 64,854. Cryptocurrencies rose in price ahead of the start of trading in Coinbase shares…