New week hasn't started very well for bitcoin

12 days ago
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The new week has not started very well for bitcoin. On Monday, the price dropped to $ 46,540. With the continued high demand for the first cryptocurrency by the close of the day, buyers bought back the fall, having won back all the losses.

On Tuesday trading in Asia, the price rose to $ 49,998. Two dollars was not enough for the psychological test. Buyers tested it for strength closer to the opening of the session. At the moment, the price increased to $ 50689. After piercing the round value, the price returned to the $ 49,000 mark.

На часовом ТФ сформировалось четыре вершины. Так как цена держится выше 48 тыс., с высокой вероятностью буллран продолжится. На часах образовался восходящий канал диапазоном в 10%. При повышении волатильности по нему все свободно до $54250.

I don't like the situation on the daytime TF. If you build a channel based on the values of L17572, L29241, and H41950, then the closest resistance for it is the level of $ 51,600. It turns out that buyers need to hold the defense of about 50 thousand for 7 days. This will allow the indicators below 8H to unload. If my expectations are met, then the price will rise to 62 thousand by March 8.

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