After Bitcoin Miners Stopped Mining In China Bitcoin Market Used Downtrend Way Next Breakdown Price Is 29,000 $

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The price of bitcoin sideways i break through these different time horizons for bitcoin. we need to still see weakness in the market if we do then we are still in position to win.
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If we don't then we need to go ahead and take that small probability we have in bitcoin and move on to the next play you even tell that bitcoin was in a upward trend .we was following the market in bitcoin and how the overall sentiment in the space was trending higher i extended out that line each of us can tell that the market is no longer trading above that line that simply tells us .
The sentiment in bitcoin is waning from that bullishness that was once had back in june don't be fooled the trap is letting us know where he wants to take this price don't pay attention to all of the hype that is being garnered for bitcoin above all things even to miss all of the confusion.

The trap is still controlling the price who is the trap who moves the price that is his whole function that is why he comes in and makes a market every day why many people think the crypto market is manipulated and it's really not because his job is to make sure he creates an orderly market he needs to bring you and i together to agree on a price.

If there's no buyers there's no sellers at a certain price it is his job to make sure the market would not be orderly you'll see prices for instance in bitcoin around 33,000 dollar. you know somebody you might see a trade at 33,400 then the next minute the next trade might be at 34,100 dollars market that's inefficient that causes confusion

You will really have no idea as to what the market's anticipated to do in bitcoin every price bar you see every volume bar.what he has been doing it's a good thing that he's in that market creating market because we'll need to continue to see that in order for us to even predict.

Where price is anticipated to go he has a very important job very important because he billions and trillions of dollars of him creating these orderly markets .

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