First Time Technical Analysis Draftkings Has Huge Growth Coming In Nasdaq Platform

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We plotted one line in our price chart just to get a visual depiction as to what the market is doing and you clearly see it is in the uptrend when you break it down closer this market in draftking looks to really be in a trading range so long term this market in draftkings is still in a uptrend no doubts about it near term the market is sim we got that no problems no issues the trap is telling us precisely what is going on what about on a different time frame are we seeing anything different into the market for draftkings on the last completed three-day price bar you see that we've seen it in extremely light volume
We've seen extremely light volume on the last completed three-day price bar versus what occurred the week before that now the i'm sorry the three-day price bar before the current one the market closed off the highs but the current one we closed higher than the close from the last completed three-day price bar on top of closing at the high we're definitely seeing the trap he's telling us that he's feeling strong in the market he's not feeling weak at this present time in draftkings that is good to see in terms of trying to gaze where the market is headed on the five-day chart same thing here the volume is decent
We've seen a lot of volume come through on this last five-day price bar versus the last three and on the last two five-day price bars we've seen the market go lower in price so we're still seeing strength into the market in draftkings on the weekly time frame same thing there's not a lot of weakness coming through in the market in draftkings this market in draftkings definitely is trying to emphasize that it wants to go higher in price and we're not going to buck the trend we're not going to go against the trap that's the worst thing that you can do in the market

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