How Long Can Axie Infinity Nft Go Sideways Realistically? Nft Right On Track For Next Impulse 🥳

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We wasn't over extended in terms of where we expected the price to go we look for the price to go up the axie but maybe around 56 dollar. we can see some restriction and bring the price and take a look what has price been doing.
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The market could not even break above there another pretty good call 56 dollars profitability. if you didn't take the profit on september. you see why axie has been unable to break the restriction zone and it's simple there was more sellers that's it there was too many sellers into the market in axie or at least there wasn't enough interest to break restriction. people really wanted to buy this currency they would have been able to break price above 56 dollars.
The market break above 57 dollar and it got rejected it's just that simple there wasn't enough demand it wasn't enough interest to try to pursue price higher . everyone else is going to try to break down retracements.why the price did go higher above 55 dollars.

There wasn't enough people who wanted to buy it. we're looking for the pricing matter to go we're in a uptrend.the market you see pump pretty good i mean across the board across the nft space cool no problem no issues.

This price in axie is breaking our support around a 57 dollar is breaking to the upside.the expect price to go higher.we're going looking at this. you see where the next area of support. we see support come all the way up to where the high was on september.
We still see the price come up to particular level. you think we're going to come all the way back a 56 dollars. what do you think we need to anticipate the price movement. we need to predict it to see where price is going to go.

We won't be caught off nft and when the profits go up when the profits go down in price. we should be able to win off. i'm going to hold it towards a 57 dollar. we're going to the market in axie has been unable to break a 57 dollars.

What do you all think.we can draw a uptrend into the market in axie it doesn't look like the market's going to hold consolidational range.we need to anticipate.if you're not going to hold then what's going to be the next likely direction. this mark is going to move and we might be heading up.

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