Time Is Ticking For A Huge Move For Bitcoin ! Market Analysis

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We've done our price prediction in bitcoin the market for your bitcoin we were still expecting a market price in bitcoin to go higher.
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We had the ability to out the market around 40,000 $ hopefully you was able to grab we told you will be our first ever we wanted to see if we had another market at the bitcoin around 40,000 and we haven't gotten but all it's not lost because the market in bitcoin is still pretty much trading sideways.

We are well within a market up there towards forty thousand dollars all the way back up we need to make the determination if during bitcoin still has the ability to go higher because from yesterday's trading we did see some selling it come into the market
We did the volume came in higher than what we've been used we closed towards the high of the bar the market really came in your bitcoin we need to see the market support itself we still see the market in your bitcoin close higher than the previous day

The market had no impact you know the buying that occurred yesterday had no impact on your bitcoin i mean the market is pretty much traded sideways the market in bitcoin if you were to get out now we'll be up around 45 percent the marketing bitcoin we should all pay attention and it's take a look at the trend the marketing bitcoin is still following the overall long-term trend

The market came and tested line again that doesn't mean we're done with higher prices it just means that the trap is wanting to support the market so far the market in bitcoin and when you see you know is either you could sit the sideline and don't participate because the market's not really giving us a biased direction

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