Wleo Is Going As Planned! Wleo Is Coiling Up For A Huge Breakout

13 days ago
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We expected the market to go higher but look it has exceeded our expectations but in a good way. the market if anything you could have gotten at least 0.97 of the market while wleo was giving us that strength while wleo was breaking out to the upside.
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you at least could have gotten 0.94 out we'll be up almost 1 on a price prediction that we garnered all the way back on the 6th.what i'm trying to get everyone to realize and understand is that you have to learn how to predict the market.

You got to learn. how to get a position these price breakouts occur you'll be in a lost position and hill will always win. you know i want to be the first one you all who was able to grab this profit off the market in wleo while they were seeing this higher price movement during the month of march going into the month of april that's fantastic.
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We got lines in our chart obviously the market in wleo has made all-time highs on the uniswap exchange. i'm not saying it hasn't made all-time highs on a exchange but it has made all-time highs what we're going to take this particular line out the chart. we don't need it because it's not applicable to what the market is trading.
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We're going to eliminate some of this confusion into the market. we can actually see the bare minimum as to how this market in wleo is trying to trade and we got a breakout going on this is the breakout currently in progress into the market in wleo and we recognize that the question is can that be sustained.

We see this market and wleo continue to see this climactic movement higher in price obviously from my perspective. i don't expect the market and trying to keep that to keep power movement of contingency that strength coming through into the market.

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