Wleo Is Not Right On Track !Wleo Price And Market Analysis Deeply

15 days ago
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We are not seeing no interest in higher price the first thing i'm going to do i'm going to extend out the overall trend into the market in wleo.
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We are still in a uptrend just within the last couple of two days. the market has been taking some movement to the downside which we understandably realize that because people are in the market we have to realize that the market in wleo is giving us some weakness.
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You might be able to see that a little bit better on a two-day time frame. you see over the last couple of two-day price bars the market in wleo has been losing and hasn't been able to accommodate that market strength.

Weekly Analysis

What about in the five-day time frame the market in wleo is still garnering to us weakness the market is still exhibiting weakness.
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We need to anticipate that the market is going to give us high and expect to see some movement to the upside.

The market go well we'll talk about that we'll look on this on an hourly time frame to make a determination as to how low the market and wleo can go the market have seen a monumental push higher price. you could not expect anything better into the market in wleo.

Monthly Market Analysis

The market went in one month that is massive that is excellent that is something that's very positive to see and obviously.
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you would expect people to see that much gains to actually come to the market and try to take out the profit.

Hourly Analysis

You would expect to see that and i think what's going on into the market in wleo. i wanted to look at this on an hourly time frame. we're going to look at this on the time frame and still the market in wleo is giving take 1 dollar
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The market is showing and it's finding a hard time breaking back above considering that alongside this descendant line is where the market is going to find issues of continuing to push higher price.we need to keep that in mind as we continue to see this market in wleo trade over the next coming trading days

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