My First Node! (A Spk Claim Node) - My Experience...

So I spent some time setting up a spk claim node last week, with no prior experience of ever having done anything like this, and extremely…

Stacking Hive: Farming Hive by trading

I am trying a new strategy. The aim is to stack as many Hive as I can. Given that I already have some Hive powered up and that "ski

Twitter post and thread: How to lose money in crypto?

This is a tweet that features how people lose money. It is worth a quick look. Could everyone do me a favor and comment below your…

Decision Process: Scoop up Hive or Nimiq?

I have another favourite project besides Hive, and that is Nimiq . In this downturn, I happen to still have some gun powder to…

6 Lessons: Unpacking Crypto Banter's advice on the Luna experience.

I am writing this to save you some time from watching Crypto Banter Ran's YouTube video where he gave some advice and afterthoughts…

Another bet on LUNA/USDT: Has the selling stopped?

Across my Twitter feed, I see a lot of calls to long Luna. Something is fishy. I checked my Kucoin account, and was surprised to see…

Warning: QuickSwap has been domain hijacked

Saw this news on Twitter, so do be careful! ⚠️DO NOT SWAP⚠️Similar to other protocols hosted on

Faith in Hive: An asset where no one is responsible

Do Kown is the ONE responsible for the state of things in Terra-Luna ecosystem now, it seems. At least that's the general perception…

I bet $50 on Luna a few days ago and it's now worth less than $0.007.

I had never been a serious Luna follower, but I put 50 dollars in Luna a few days ago, betting on it as a contrarian play . Now my…

Breaking News: USDT de-pegging situation

USDT is also showing signs of de-pegging from USD at the moment. Leave your comments below if you have some insights. Posted Using [

How To Make Your Post POP On Search Engines!

This Is What We Can Do! We have talked about "[The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance

My Luna Musing: Maybe the Terra-Luna eco-system is good enough for a contrarian investment now

By now, most would know the state of things in Luna. It has also become quite enticing for one to invest in it, seeing its price down to…

A vision of enticing other altcoins communities to Hive: A suggestion for LeoFinance

How do we bring more cryptocurrency investors to Hive? One solution is to make Hive the place to find resources and the latest news…

The smart money are doing its stuff, let it be.

Don't be the retail investor that gets crushed psychologically in this falling market. Take a deep breath and consider alternative…

5 things that crypto whales and insiders don't want you to know [retweet in Hive]

An interesting tweet about increasing the odds of winning in crypto. For posterity's sake, the main points taken from the tweet are…

Nimtris.Com: Addictive Nimiq Play-to-Earn Game

The colourful picture you see above is the interface of the Nimiq game, Nimtris. The aim of the game is to connect at least three of t

20% APY: My HBD play

I haven't been a big fan of HBD. But with the news of 20% p.a. of interest in HBD released, it's time to think about my Hive-backed…

Bitcoin maximalism is so overrated

Just saw this interesting Twitter post . Even more interesting are the replies. I have my own thought

FOMO is the best predictor of net loss

This is a reminder to myself: FOMO is the best predictor of net loss. If every trade has a probability of net gain and loss, the…

The "Getting to Know Blockchain Projects" Portfolio

I forgot how I stumbled upon Hive, but I am glad I did. As a learner of the blockchain world, it is essential that I monitor the pulse…