5 things that crypto whales and insiders don't want you to know [retweet in Hive]

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An interesting tweet about increasing the odds of winning in crypto.

For posterity's sake, the main points taken from the tweet are reproduced here. My reactions/reflections, while thinking Hive, are in italics

1. Harsh reality: Most DeFi protocols don't need a token.

If you're investing in a project - make sure the token:

• Has a strong value accrual mechanism (price growth reflects user growth)
• Fills a market need
• Has a competitive advantage over comparable protocols
• Has a purpose beyond making holders money

User growth in Hive would be key!

2. The majority of VCs make their money through investing early in token seed & private sale rounds.

There are plenty of VC opportunities in the layer 2 projects in Hive.

3. Many projects don't have a product.

Hive is a product!

4. APRs are meant to incentivise liquidity. 

Often times, the tokenomics are poorly designed and lead to over dilution. 

If there is value creation, this is no issue

5. Whales do the opposite of the market. 

They do the exact opposite of retail participants. To simplify:

• Take profits into massive pumps (greed)
• Buy into massive dumps (fear)


Prices in Hive haven't been providing that kind of opportunities!

Hope you found this useful, or at least intersting.

I found another interesting tweet about balancing portfolio. I will deep dive into it another day.

Nice idea but why you don't write and put the source?


thanks for asking.
the source is in the hyperlink.
you are right. i should document it to retain the wisdom.


I thank you for the Link

but will be nice to be in Blockchain

The Twitter can delete this tweet but in Hive can downvotes receive but still will be here


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