Can you save 40% of your salary and still live comfortably?

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I learned something today from a friend today.

It is about paying yourself first after getting your salary.

Indeed, I have never thought much about how much to save and it does seem like a pretty hard question. Then I always ended up just spending first and then seeing how much is left to save. :(

My friend popped an interesting question: Can you save 40% of your salary and still live comfortably?

Wow! Just wow!

I probably can't.

So she asked. What if your salary increased to a point that you can save 40% and still live comfortably?

Ok, I got it. As the salary increase, that 40% will also increase proportionally, but the remaining 60% would be greater than before the salary increase too.

I need to find a way to increase my salary. If that is not possible, then I need to find other streams of income. Push it up to a level such that I can save 40% of it and still be comfortable with it.

But here the true lesson is in fact this: Don't start splurging when the income increase! :)

P/S: This is not financial advice, and please do your own due diligence before investing.

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Most people struggle to earn enough to cover their expenses. The whole society has that built in. Especially the poor.

The higher your earning the closer you get to that 40% but before then you might need to work an extra job or get other income streams which equate to effort.

Nothing for free. Just effort.


Indeed it takes effort, and sacrifice i.e. reducing expenses.

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great content, coincidentally i just published an article about lifestyle inflation after an increase in earnings. people need financial discipline to make sure they control theirselves when spending after a raise so they cab save.

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Great! I shall take a look later !PIZZA


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