Decision Process: Scoop up Hive or Nimiq?

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I have another favourite project besides Hive, and that is Nimiq.

In this downturn, I happen to still have some gun powder to deploy, but the question is ... which to buy? Hive or Nimiq?

To be clear, I want both. So this is not an issue of potential of the project for me.

I looked through some data in Coinmarketcap, and decided to preferentially invest more in Hive than in Nimiq.

Let me share my thought process.

The Hive chart below looks like it has held its price pretty much.

Screenshot 20220515 at 7.55.15 PM.png

In contrast, Nimiq is in a downturn trend.

Screenshot 20220515 at 7.55.00 PM.png

That means, suppose trend continues for some time, I could have more time to acquire the amount of Nimiq that I wanted to hodl. The amount of cash now would probably gain me more Nimiq later.

Just like that, by looking at the trend, I hope my thought process is legit enough for a small investment today.

How else would you make the decision?

P/S: Not finanical advice, and always do your own due diligence.

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Why does anyone need Nimiq? What does it do that no other projects can do?

Diversify is one thing, then there is spreading it too thin and hard to keep up with too many projects.


I think it drastically reduces the barrier of entry into blockchain for the many uninitiated. Have you tried the interface?


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