FOMO is the best predictor of net loss

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This is a reminder to myself: FOMO is the best predictor of net loss.

If every trade has a probability of net gain and loss, the probability of losing is higher in cases of FOMO.

This is how I feel about Zilliqa right now. It has pumped for the last few days. Would it pump more? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

The trajectory so far makes me feel like it would continue to pump. It’s easy to want to enter a trade to buy some now.

But…. Resist the temptation.

The risk to benefit ratio isn’t favourable, judging by the behaviour of most crypto pumps.

There will always be another token that will pump over time. It will be those that hasn’t yet!

For these tokens the risk-to-reward ratio is more favourable.

Resist! :)

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