Do not fall into Elon's trap!

As you may know, earlier today, Tesla filed a report to SEC stating among others: In January 2021, we updated our investment policy…

What really happened with GameStop and how this affects cryptos

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All Hands Revealed

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Tax free Bitcoin Investment options

As we are in the BTC (and therefore crypto) upward part of the market cycle, more and more people have started accumulating significant…

Where to buy Bitcoin?

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Where are we heading with BTC?

As shown in the above chart, an ascending triangle has been formed on the 4 hourly chart. Many expect the $BTC price to break soon out…

Bitcoin vs Gold: The high daily volatility argument

"Bitcoin is not a store of value because it can drop 20% within a day." You have heard this argument so many times. It's bitcoin…

Decentralize Everything part 1 - The Cloud.

We have witnessed in recent days, the power that web 2 services have to censor and in some cases shut down freedoms. Whatever your…

The biggest mistake new crypto investors do

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My first week impressions of LeoFinance

It's almost a week since I joined LeoFinance and in this post I would like to share some thoughts. First, I am glad to find an open…

The Daily Contest - Trillion Dollar Market Cap! - My vision of a future world running on blockchain

This is my entry to the The Daily Contest - Trillion Dollar Market Cap! My crystal ball humbly reveals: Fiat currency runs…

The Daily Contest - Trillion Dollar Market Cap!

We passed a trillion dollars in the crypto world! Not bad for magical internet money. There might also be months of this to go so keep…

(21/99) * 10^6 ➡ The $BTC price prediction Max Keiser almost copied and how I came up with it

As you may know, Max Keiser published yesterday his prediction for $BTC ATH price of $220,000 in 2021. One day ago, I had…

What is the best time to buy Bitcoin?

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#FinancialGoals2021 Initiative - New year new plans

Hi, people of the Blockchain! In this post I express my financial goals for 2021. My most ambitious financial goal for 2021 is not…

The Daily Contest - Coins You Are Following!

There has been some crazy gains this past week in the market and it looks like alts are starting to wake-up. Today has been a pull-back…

Introducing myself

Hi all and happy new year! I just joined the platform and wanted to share a few words about me. I am a software developer, originally…