Are you guys using Torum yet?

1 month ago
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Torum seems like it could be something worth checking out, who knows. I made an account and so far everything seems pretty smooth. I didn't want to verify using WhatsApp so I just messaged one of the Co-founders directly and it was sorted out in about 30 seconds.


The founders are really active and engaged with the platform which is nice.

I have no idea how well their coin sale has done or anything but there is one going on now, the minimum purchase is $1000 USDT.


If you've got that kind of coin lying around to play with then maybe this is something worth looking into for you. I personally don't have that much to spend lol

Just thought I'd share, in case anyone might find some value in it.

Always do your own research before buying anything, especially crypto.

Made a post over there promoting LEO.


-Crystal Human

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