CubDefi - Community Pooled Giveaways Post #2

24 days ago
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Have you heard of yet? Brought to you by the crew over at, CubDefi has started off with some pretty impressive stats. The total number of CUB holders is nearly 1,000 in just over a week. With a value locked in liquidity pools currently totaling around $12,400,000.00!


I'd say that's not too shabby for a tiny, under-the-radar community like LeoFinance. Once more people find out about us, the price of LEO and CUB both will easily spike to much higher levels than we are seeing now. (This is just my personal perspective, don't take my ranting as advice and go all-in on something without D'ingYOR, please. "Do your own research")

One thing I love about the Leo community is how many people are so generous with their energy, whether it's just being helpful or outright giving people money for important things. I've seen a lot of cases where people have needed help and someone in Discord will jump right in to assist them in whatever way they can.

For example, many people have needed to get a small amount of BNB to make transactions on CubDefi, since it's on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Without having access to, this has become quite a hassle for many. Luckily there's usually someone hanging out ready to help out with a little bit of BNB to get newbies going.

A different but similar example is this giveaway.

I was just messing around on Discord (as usual) when @themarkymark said to @edicted "don't forget you owe me that 1,000 cub", of course, I then chimed in "And you owe me that 100 CUB" To which @edicted replied "crystalhuman how about 10 CUB instead?
what's address?"

I kinda thought he was just kidding but I also knew that he could probably afford it lol especially at the rate these CUB farms have been printing cubbies. So I went ahead and pasted my BSC address and said "If you send them, I'll add 10 to it and do a Hive/CUB giveaway."

A couple of minutes later, low and behold, there they were in my wallet, 10 CUB donated to me for absolutely no reason at all. Which has since turned into 86 CUB (so far), currently worth a grand total of $300 USD, included in a giveaway to help get some newbs lifted off of the ground.

If you want more info about the CUB Giveaway <-- click here.

Only those who haven't staked CUB later than 4 days ago are eligible. Please read the instructions in full. (This giveaway ends at the time of the original post payout.)

Welcome to CubDefi!

-Crystal Human


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