Did you ever get your Murall PAINT claim?

1 month ago
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I got mine a while back when it wasn't worth hardly anything. Just randomly decided to check it today and it was worth .129 ETH! w00t!!

I'm not positive on the specifiactions since it was a while ago but I think it had something to do with your Rarible creations/sales.

eg. If you made art on Rarible or purchased any you should be eligible to claim some PAINT. I originally got 1.2 Million of them and they were worth about 0.015 LOL


Make sure that if you do get a claim that it's going to be worth the tx fee if you plan to sell! Again, I got 1.2 Million tokens and they sold for .129 ETH so keep those numbers in mind when paying gas fees.

Head over to https://murall.art/draw to find out if you have anything to claim!

Good luck!!

If you get rich on PAINT and feel like sending me a tip for my services, HIVE or LEO is always VERY appreciated and here's my ETH address just in case. ;)


-Crystal Human

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