If you bought a Bitcoin exactly one year ago today

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You'd be up roughly $46,000!

Not too bad, eh?
(it took me a while to make this post so these numbers shifted slightly.)


The above image has been sourced from my favorite web archive, Way Back Machine.


I'm excited to see what happens in crypto this year, it's been a pretty interesting ride this last year that's for sure!

All-time highs on possibly hundreds of coins, more money pouring into digital currency than ever. If you're lucky enough to be one of the smart people who bought the dip last year, congrats!

I have to admit, even I didn't expect to see this much of a rise so soon, of course, a lot of it is manipulation but regardless of that it's still pretty impressive to see these numbers side-by-side from last year's.

I just hope this trend keeps up and the whales pulling profits dump it into altcoins! I'll be holding onto a few that I think are really solid projects like RUNE (Thorchain) and ALOHA (AlohaDeFi), DOT (Polkadot), and MATIC (Polygon), just to name a few.

I just recently found out about AlohaDeFi thanks to @GoGreenBuddy and was able to participate in their token sale. I'll be honest, I was and still am pretty excited about it. I think it might've actually been the first ICO I ever bought into. (I know, ICO blah blah) It's a solid-looking project with what appears to be a functional product.

They have an app on Google Play already which is something to do with sharing your Wifi connection, I think, honestly haven't looked much into it yet but I plan to later today. After seeing that though I have to admit I was a lot more bullish on hodling their token to see where it goes.

If you're interested in learning about it you can go to their website.


Once you're hooked, you can go buy some on Uniswap.

⚠Please note that I am not offering financial advice in any way, this is not meant to mislead or lead anyone directly or indirectly to buy anything.⚠ I am shilling my bags though, not gonna lie. BUY MOAR ALTCOINS.

I'm really looking forward to ALOHA being listed on some big exchanges like Binance, when that happens.. MOON!!
Most of you probably already have a Binance account but just in case you don't you can click the hyperlink above to sign up. US Citizens will most likely need to use a VPN to access this service.

Stay green!

-Crystal Human 👽

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