CTPSB goes DeFi

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It was a very busy and exciting week on the Hive blockchain. We saw the birth of Cubdefi and also of the Liotes project. Both have a direct impact on the CTPSB project.

Since we have a stake in LEO, we have received 2 CUB tokens in the airdrop. The problem when you want to go into defi on BSC, you need to pay transaction costs. With 2 CUBs it's almost not worth it. We therefore came up with the idea to pool ctpsb, liotes and my personal account together to create a Defi pool. Like that we can reduce the fees for everybody included.

More to pay delegators

50% of the CUBs that will be generated in the pool will be reinvested to make the pool bigger and bigger. The rest will be withdrawn every week or every second week. One third of it will go to CTPSB. It will be used to pay dividends to the delegators.

This will be an additional income source for the project.

Synergies with Liotes

While building the project Liotes, we have manged to create several synergies with the CTPSB project. In addition to the Defi pool, ctpsb also purchased some LENM tokens that will mint LEN tokens. This will be an additional income source for ctpsb. Liotes will also delegate hive power to ctpsb and like that get CTP dividends. This will allow the ctpsb project to grow in terms of vote value and also in terms of token value.

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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