The CTPSB project is almost 6 months old

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During the month of September 2020, the whole CTP community has pooled Hive together to create this @ctpsb account. At the end of the month, for every hive contributed, people would get one CTPSB token. All the collected hive would be powered up in the @ctpsb account.

This account would then upvote and curate the posts of the CTP community. Thanks to curation rewards, author rewards and also beneficiary rewards, the account has grown and grown over time to become a real pillar for the CTP tribe.

Would you like to know how much you could earn with CTPSB?

If you had invested 1$ worth of hive in September 2020, you would have a yearly return of.....wait for it.... 592%!!!!

Check-out the video for more details

A big thank you to everybody who is supporting this amazing project!

Learn more about the CTP Swarm Booster:

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