RE: News of the day.

Great to hear good news like that It is like seeing green color on the market Posted via

RE: What Is The Future Of POB?🧠

I love it starting posting on it engaging here also True, POB is the future Posted via

RE: Don't be who you are not here at HIVE

But, most are living this cycle. Born, study, earn money The routine is killer but we have to keep moving Posted via

RE: How I Started My Crypto Trade Journey

Impressive almost near my story but I have started abit later Posted via

RE: LEO/BHT Burn post 62 - Earn curation and help raise/stabilise the token price!

I am proud of you great work keep on Posted via

RE: You Don't Need a Mask to Question Elon Musk's Ethics

Yes it is just use your brain Posted via

RE: So What if You've Missed Out?

I think time to back we are in the blockchain age Posted via

RE: Why POB is Equilibrium !

Yes it is that is why I love this community when you use brain and mind everything will be solved Posted via

RE: A House to call our own - When to cash in other investments...

Looks so precious and lovely I wish I had one Posted via

RE: How To Calculate APR For Your Hive-Engine Miners?

Pretty good thanks Posted via

RE: Dependency: You're going to miss me when I'm gone!

That is the point when everyone feel this There will be no bad feelings in the world Posted via

RE: LEO Burn post 57 - Earn curation and help raise/stabilise the token price!

Thank you for great effort making this community better Posted via

RE: POB as a job: is it possible? [English/Portuguese]

I love pob and I will start blogging from here Long live proofofbrain Posted via