CuratorCat.LEO Status Update: Taking a Look Back at the Third Quarter of 2021

A lot of people who "Get into business" tend to be pretty creative types. "Creative Types" are also notorious for actively…

Quietly Building Wealth With CUB DeFi — The Sleeper is Awakening?

There are two things I have primarily focused on (aside from interacting on the social site) since becoming an active member of the…

Crypto Investing: A Few Cents Here and a Few Cents There — My Own Microstrategy!

A lot of people — when they hear the word ”Investing” — immediately think about People With Money™ buying stocks, bonds…

Process Complete: Gathering “Odd Crypto Bits” to Farm Moar CUB!

Like most of us around here, I have been following the development and launch of CUB DeFi with great interest because as a very…

mycublp.holdings - Easy way to track your CUB LP Stake

mycublp.holdings is a fork of How Much is my LP? with the CUB MasterChef address is added as a preset and selected as a default.…

Happy Birthday to the Hive Community

This announcement may seem strange to some because many of us celebrated the first “anniversary” of the Hive on March 20th. But in fact…

How much do you selfvote?

Cub, CUB , cubs, cubs... CUBS everywhere. Every second post. I'm starting to get tired of this. Lets talk about curation for a little…

Parsing CUB Inflation

Crack reduction complete. Rugpulls & Reputation

Exciting Times: LeoFinance, CUB, bLEO, Binance — Legal Restrictions and Frustrations!

As we excitedly wait with bated breath for the LeoFinance launches that are Coming Soon™, there has also been preparations to be…

Curator Cat on the Power of Hive's Communities: Part 3 — What Makes a Community "Sticky?"

Greetings all you amazing Felines and Hoomans of LeoFinance and Greater Hivelandia! Hope this week has been going well for you... exciting…

Curator Cat on the Power of Hive's Communities: Part 2 — What Makes a "Good" Community?

Greetings Felines and Hoomans of LeoFinance and Greater Hivelandia! Continuing on with Part Two of my series about communities and…

Curator Cat on the Power of Hive's Communities: Part 1 — Let's Get Started!

Greetings Felines and Hoomans of LeoFinance and Greater Hivelandia! Today I want to start exploring a topic that has long been near and…

Interesting Factoid of the Day: The Cryptosphere Just Became the World's 10th Largest Economy!

OK, I admit this may not be the most "apples to apples" comparison out there, but just for entertainment purposes, take a look at…

Breaking News: The Global Crypto Market Cap Passes One TRILLION Dollars!

Just a quick news update that might be of interest... as I was checking in for the latest update on the progress of Bitcoin. Then I…

LeoFinance Takes Social Engagement To Levels That Authors Have Never Experienced Before.

My first post generated a total of 27 comments from 13 unique users. That includes my own replies within the comment section as well. My…

TORUK was here

When things get boring When you do something again and again, 8 or 10 hours a day, day after day, week after week, after some time it…

Introducing LeoInfra V2: Onboarding to Hive Made Easy | Twitter Lite Accounts

For years, one of the toughest problem

The Future of Crypto: From the United NATIONS to the United ORGANIZATIONS?

It’s interesting to observe the financial and philosophical developments in the world; the way mainstream banking and finance responds —…

AskLeo - The $18,000 AI Marketing Dilemma. How Many Leos are In?

One thing I love about the leofinance community and the team is that there is communication around here between the team and direct users…

LeoFinance Error Message: What Does This MEAN?

Doing my morning reading on LeoFinance which is one of my favorite pastimes to get my day started. Reading, leaving comments... and…