RE: Cryptocurrency And UBI

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One of the things that has interested me for a long time is the idea of many private initiative "UBI-like" initiatives that allow people to receive limited amounts in payment for belonging to an assortment of "cooperatives" of various kinds.

I don't see governments or the legacy system being able to fund UBI anytime soon — if at all — but I like some of the various attempts that have been made *(Manna, Grantcoin, GoodDollar... there are many) on a very small scale.

If we imagine a system in which large corporations were to receive tax breaks for investing retained earnings in these (likely crypto/blockchain based) programs from which they would earn a yield, while they would also earn "corporate citizen goodwill" in exchange for which some number of qualifying individuals might receive $50 or $100 a month. Now, multiply by hundreds or even thousands of distinct structures people might "opt into" and you could end up with something "UBI-like" without it necessarily involving governments.

I was thinking about a couple of things... I get a very small amount of CUB for having tokens staked (+/- 10 CUB a month), and people also can earn from having HBD in savings. These are tiny, of course... my point here being that rather than a single solution, perhaps what we need to look to is an aggregate of many sources to provide the solution.

Just thinking out loud here!


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